23 walks


DIRECTOR: Peter Cattaneo (wondrous oblivion, little ashes)
STARRING: dave johns, alison steadman, Rakhee Thakrar and Natalie Simpson


REVIEWER: lyall carter

Dave and Fern, a couple in their sixties, get to know one another over the course of 23 dog walks.

Gotta admit, we all kinda need an uplifting, feel good kinda film don’t we? Well here we have a film that will warm the cockles of your heart! While 23 Walks won’t reinvent the genre, it’s still a sweet film anchored by marvellous performances from Johns and Steadman.

Dave (Dave Johns) and Fern (Alison Steadman), two older strangers, have been bruised by their individual circumstances. They meet walking their dogs in a North London park, and over the course of twenty-three walks together the romance begins to blossom. But Dave and Fern haven't been completely honest with one another and their future together may be threatened by the secrets they have withheld.


The premise of 23 Walks is one that many lovers of romance have wistfully imagined: meeting the love of their life while walking the dog. And while romance does begin to blossom, 23 Walks is no rom-com walk in the park.


There are parts of Dave and Fern’s lives that you wouldn’t call rom-com material. There is genuine sadness and brokenness to be found in and around their lives, real life kinda challenges, which only adds to the genuineness of the film's narrative. That’s not to say that this is some sombre drama (it's a real feel good film), but the reality of life is never sacrificed for more lighter moments. 


Dave Johns and Alison Steadman (of Gavin and Stacey fame) wonderfully bring Dave and Fern to life giving them a genuine sense of being real life people. 

While 23 Walks won’t reinvent the genre, it’s still a sweet film anchored by marvellous performances from Johns and Steadman. 


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