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DIRECTOR: jill culton (open season)
starring: chloe benet, tenzing norgay trainor, sarah paulson, and eddie izzard


REVIEWER: hadassah devi


A teen and her mischievous friends embark on an epic quest to reunite a Yeti with his beloved family.

DreamWorks latest coming-of-age story about a young girl, Yi, and her new yeti friend embark on a magical journey to return the creature home to the Himalayas. All while being pursued by relentless mercenaries hired by a wealthy collector (because a journey across China is far too easy right?).


I. Loved. Abominable. And here is why.


The score. My goodness. Abominable music is dazzling, spectacular, and marvelous. Main character Yi, a gifted violinist, has beautiful solos throughout, Everest (the nameYi gives to her yeti friend) ‘sings’ a magical song that a) controls the natural world, and b) gave me chills. 


Seriously, I cannot stress how good the music is. 


Another big part for me was Abominable’s ability to portray the Chinese culture - traditions and modern advances - without relying on the typical ‘exaggerated’ stereotypes. Given the current push for ethnic (etc.) representation in films I think it's easy for directors to sprinkle in diversity in as tokenism. Abominable stays away from that - perhaps in part because the film is a co-production between China’s Pearl Studio and America’s DreamWorks Animation.


Speaking of DreamWorks Animation, there are parts of the animation that are an absolute dream! Mostly the bits where the yeti magic powers are in use, which are freaken next level. Overall the animation is good. But those bits are great. 


Last but not least, I loved Abominable because it made me so sad.  But also so happy. Both to the point of tears. Yi’s underlying melancholy at losing her father, the films sense of humor, everything just got to me. I cried big time man - particularly in a scene at the Leshan Giant Buddha… you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch it. 


Kid's Review (4 years old. Loves Spider-Man and hates mashed potatoes.) 

Favorite part: When the big yetis came.

Funniest part: Blueberry butt and a part that isn’t in the movie, when you opened my Sprite and it sounded like a fart. 

Favorite character: The big yetis.

Would you tell your friends to watch it: Yes. And to get popcorn. Can I eat your popcorn?

What would you tell them about the movie: Aunty Dass cried. She is a waa waa machine. Haha. So can I have your popcorn? 


A dazzling score, next level animation, and a story that pulls at the heart and has you crying with laughter, Abominable is a must, MUST see!!


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