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the addams family


DIRECTOR: greg tiernan and conrad vernon (debut)
STARRING the voice talent of: charlize theron, oscar isaac, chloe grace moretz, and finn wolfhard


REVIEWER: hadassah devis

Get ready to snap your fingers! The Addams Family is back on the big screen in the first animated comedy about this creepy and kooky clan. You may think your family is weird but the outlandish, bizarre, and completely iconic Addams Family, will have you thinking again.

The weird and spooky Addams Family think they have found a sanctuary from angry mobs and the judgement of ‘regular’ folks when they move into a spider web infested old insane asylum. Little do they know that outside the fog a shiny new town has been built, and the residents aren’t taking nicely to their ghoulish neighbors.

The Addams Family is just the kind of movie I love. A morbidly kooky family who use a sword dance as a coming-of-age-ritual, witty sarcasm, and quips at clone-like suburban life is right up my street. And yet despite the right ingredients, The Addams Family is a tad underwhelming.


There are a few good laughs, and the characters (even the ‘bad guys’) are all very likeable. Even the movies main message - focused on accepting everyone, even when you don’t understand them - is a good one (albeit uninspired for the Addams Family world), but somehow things still come out flat and quite forgettable.

The animation is done well. Spooky enough to be interesting but not too much for the intended audience. While the film didn’t quite hit the mark with me, it is a good ‘entry level’ kids movie, into the weird and wonderful world of the Addams Family (and others like it!).

While a tad underwhelming, The Addams Family is still a ghoulish family film that is a good 'entry level' kid's film into the weird and wonderful world of the Addams family. 


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