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ailo's journey


DIRECTOR: Guillaume Maidatchevsky (debut)

REVIEWER: lyall carter

Ailo, a newborn reindeer, embarks on an incredible odyssey with the help of his mother.

I remember being so moved by animal documentaries when I was a kid. You know the great David Attenborough doco’s that not only showed you all kinds of different and exotic creatures and landscapes, but also told a cracking, entertaining tale too. Ailo’s Journey is one such documentary that will entertain and enthrall young and old alike. 


Narrated by Golden Globe winner, Donald Sutherland this is the incredible story of Ailo, the little reindeer.


Ailo's awakening to this wild world is a real adventure, set deep in the heart of the stunning landscapes of northern Finland. Ailo's Journey is an uplifting story, where a bleak wilderness is warmed by a mother's endless love as she watches over Ailo in his incredible adventures with other creatures of the Arctic.


This is the first time we’ve taken our niece (10) and nephew (7) to a documentary and I was a little nervous that they would lose interest. They didn’t. At all. They found Ailo’s Journey entertaining, moving, and funny and were completely engrossed from start to finish. 


And its a mix of a whole lot of elements which make Ailo’s Journey so darn entertaining. It not only focuses on Ailo’s adventures but we encounter a wide variety of animals throughout the arctic and we get to learn about their lives too. 


From the arctic fox desperate to find a mate to the stoat hilarious ducking, diving, and jiving around trying to collect some eggs for his supper, Ailo’s Journey is an exquisite journey through the arctic. 


Visually breathtaking with a thoroughly entertaining tale, Ailo’s Journey is an adventure you must take.

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