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all at sea


DIRECTOR: robert young (curse of the phoenix)
STARRING: brian cox, james fox, lauren baccall, and hege schoyen 


REVIEWER: lyall carter

A black comedy about an old rogue named Wally, who breaks all the rules to fulfill an old friends dying wish to be buried at sea.

I don’t know about you but I love a good ol’ British comedy. And you can’t get more old or British than a movie about an old timer trying to bury his old sailor friend at sea. 


Wally wants to give his recently departed pal Skipper a burial at sea, the old-fashioned way, as he promised him. Wally isn’t going to let the fact that he doesn’t have a boat, any money or, for that matter, a body, stop him from keeping his word; and so he takes his friends May, George and Nina on a bold mission to send the coffin to the bottom of the North Sea. However, Ms. Reimark, the administrator of the local retirement community where Wally lives, has other plans for him and the deceased.


This is bread and butter for British comedy in the same vein as Waking Ned Devine, The Last of the Summer Wine, and Still Game. Old people behaving badly with hilarious results. 


As it's a Norwegian/British co-production the narrative can sometimes feel a little strained as the makers attempt to hit the balance right, but overall its a rollocking, fun, hilarious ride filled to the brim with black comedy. 


Brian Cox is in fine form as the bedraggled but determined Wally, James Fox is delightfully pompous, and Lauren Bacall in one of her last film roles proves once again with ease why she was one of the stars of her generation.


Packed to the rafters with black comedy, All At Sea is a rollocking, fun, and hilarious ride.


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