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careless crime

REVIEWER: nick tonkin

Careless Crime is a complex and rather confusing film that explores the impact of a notorious event from the Iranian Revolution where a packed cinema was set ablaze, causing hundreds of deaths. This event is the centre of the film, however it isn’t directly explored. Rather we see it considered though several different layers: The possibility of history repeating itself in the present day, films within films, time loops, and characters switching between time periods.


All of these threads can be rather challenging to align, though as they are all tied to that horrific event from Iran’s history, it serves as a grounding point for the film. A film like this requires interpretation of the message it conveys, and this grounding point serves as a basis for the viewer.


Careless Crime is a curious thing, you’ll find yourself thinking over elements of it days later, what it means and how strange it is that the threads of absurdity the film explores are at times analogous to our real world - and what that might mean. 

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