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the humanity bureau


DIRECTORs: rob w. king (i heart regina, tokyo trial, hungry hills)  
STARRING: nicholas cage, sarah lind, hugh dillon, and destee klyne 

REVIEWER: georgie brown

In the near future, global warming turns parts of the American Midwest into a desert. In its attempt to take hold of the economic recession, a government agency called the Humanity Bureau exiles members of society deemed unproductive, and banishes them to a colony known as New Eden. An ambitious and impartial caseworker Noah Kross investigates a case appealed by a single mother and her son. Knowing the unjust fate of the innocent boy, Kross sets off to save the lives of the mother and child.

In a world where natural resources have been consumed, and technological benefits are reserved for the top tier, the Humanity Bureau, a newly created government department, determines the value of your contribution to society. If you don't meet the criteria to stay in mainstream America you are deported to the new society of "Eden". There's not much I can tell you without spoiling the plot, but let's just say what seems to be one predictable moment after another suddenly gets very dark, very fast.

Agent Noah Kross (Nicholas Cage), is on assignment from the bureau when his path is crossed with Rachel & Lucas Weller (Sarah Lind & Jakob Davies), when Noah delays their deportation so Lucas can be in a school recital the next day alarm bells go off and the unlikely threesome set off across the country in a desperate bid to reach the Canadian border and out of the clutches of the bureau.

I'm not normally a fan of dystopian movies but considering the current state of US politics this was scarily more like fast forwarding to America's future if Trump gets re-elected. But as far as the genre goes, this was one I'd watch again.

What starts off as a relatively sluggish paced, predictable Nic Cage, one gun fight after another; transforms into a movie of twists, turns, and what on earth just happened moments.



The Humanity Bureau is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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