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bergman island.jpg

bergman island

For a film that’s a complex musing on everything from the broken complexity of our heroes to the repetitive circle of art imitating life, Bergman’s Island is an accessible, light, romantic treat.

the batman.png


This is quite unlike any Batman film you’ve ever seen. With a fresh, gritty take on the iconic character, The Batman is a gripping murder mystery that will thrill and entertain and leave you wanting more.


blind ambition

With a stirring, fist pump inducing true story that will make you weep buckets, Blind Ambition is one of the best films of 2022.



Cyrano is an excellent adaptation of the classic play, with great production design, wonderful music and a riveting performance from Peter Dinklage as the tragic Cyrano de Bergerac.



A work of cinematic art, Flee is hauntingly beautiful,  bringing humanity to the European refugee crisis and all of its complexities.

facing monsters.jpeg

facing monsters

While Facing Monsters is a gnarly, breathless ride it doesn’t quite get under the skin of its subject as well as it might have.

cmon cmon.jpg

c'mon c'mon

C'mon C'mon is an affecting and at times fraught story of the development of a meaningful connection between a man and his estranged nephew, and how this relationship comes to impact both of their lives.



While Aline has to be one of the most bizarre films of the year, it’s light, sweet touches make it a wonderful tribute to the one and only Celine Dion.



Hive is a film of thundering power telling the true story of one woman's fight for survival and justice in the midst of suffering the very real terrors of war.

marry me.jpg

marry me

While Marry Me may tread familiar ground in some respects, its novel premise, great cast and impressive pop soundtrack make it entirely compelling with both heartwarming moments and hilarious ones aplenty.



While Blacklight is definitely watchable with moments of action and suspense, it all feels very generic, as if we’ve seen this Liam Neeson flick several times before. 

death on the nile.jfif

death on the nile

Death on the Nile is a thrilling and stylish take on the classic murder mystery, with an impressive cast and an excellent turn by Kenneth Branagh as Detective Poirot.



Belfast is a wonderful film; blending poignancy, touches of somberness with charming humour through a strong cast, great writing and an impressive performance by the young Jude Hill as Buddy. 

parallel mothers.jpeg

parallel mothers

Parallel Mothers is a compelling exploration of the way a connection between two women has altered their lives. With interesting characters and wonderful performances, especially from Penélope Cruz, Parallel Mothers shows that director Pedro Almodóvar’s skill hasn't yet been dulled by either age or success.

red rocket.jpg

red rocket

Although Red Rocket has moments of great storytelling and humanity, the filmmakers narrative and character choices to not prosecute their protagonist’s bad behavior leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.  



Memoria could be anything from a frustrating experience, to a revelatory one. It depends entirely on the individual viewer. An anomalous vision of director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, this is an interesting and curious result for a film to strive for.

india sweets and spices.jpeg

india sweet and spices

More sweet than spicy, India Sweet and Spices has its moments but is ultimately too stylized to be truly heartwarming and not challenging enough to be raw or poignant.



Moonfall is an entertaining thrill ride though preposterousness, with some monumental set pieces and a great core cast that can handle whatever cheese director Roland Emmerich throws their way.

licorice pizza.jpeg

licorice pizza

With its wonderfully realised 1970’s Valley California, great moments of humour, and skilled cinematography, Licorice Pizza is another interesting Paul Thomas Anderson project. Its success, however, depends entirely on how you feel about the journey it takes you on.

nightmare alley.jpeg

nightmare alley

While there are no fantastical monsters in sight, Del Toro masterfully explores the monster lurking within all of us in an atmospheric, hauntingly beautiful, and gorgeous looking film with one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory. A must-watch.


the eyes of tammy faye

The Eyes of Tammy Faye features an engrossing lead performance by Jessica Chastain, and explores the lives of the Bakkers in an interesting fashion, utilizing touches of satire to address the surrealism of the world they built for themselves.

mothers of the revolution.jpg

mothers of the revolution

While Ghostbusters: Afterlife definitely has gives you some heady, joyous hits of nostalgia it doesn’t rely on it, instead giving the audience a fresh, exciting tale with characters you grow to love and root for.

the 355.jpeg

the 355

The bright moments of The 355 illuminate how it could have been much more than the light spy-action film it ended up being - though what we have is fun and enjoyable, despite its flaws.



Spencer is a powerful and compelling take on a moment in Lady Diana’s life. Considered storytelling, combined with inspired production design and fascinating performances, results in Spencer being an essential watch, even for those with limited familiarity with the British Royals.

ghostbusters afterlife.jpeg

ghostbusters: afterlife

While Ghostbusters: Afterlife definitely has gives you some heady, joyous hits of nostalgia it doesn’t rely on it, instead giving the audience a fresh, exciting tale with characters you grow to love and root for.

house of gucci.jpeg

the house of gucci

While The House of Gucci contains all the glamour you’d expect from a film about such a prestigious fashion house, unfortunately, it’s overstuffed and lacks a firm narrative structure and direction.

kings man.jpg

the king's man

The King’s Man is brutally action-packed with envelope-pushing humour, but it also explores themes that cut deep with some of the boldest narrative choices in recent memory. Blockbuster cinema at its finest.

west side story.jpeg

west side story

While the scale of Spielberg’s West Side Story is epic to say the least with superb musical numbers, the central love story doesn’t get lost in it all and packs one hell of an emotional punch.

best sellers.jpg

best sellers

While Best Sellers is typically cliched, it’s the genius casting and the performances of Caine and Plaza that greatly elevate the film’s quality.

matrix resurrections.jpeg

the matrix: resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections is an interesting revisitation to one of the iconic franchises of film history. It is unexpected, self-aware, and unconcerned with nostalgia, giving it an unusual feel in this day and age. 


spider-man: no way home

Bursting with heart, stunning action set pieces, and one of the best Spider-Man story arcs to hit the big screen, Spider-Man: No Way Home will have you fall in love with the MCU all over again. And it’s the best Spider-Man movie ever.

petite maman.jpg

petite maman

A wondrous, fantastical tale that is also deeply personal and reflective, Petite Maman is a glorious sight to behold with a director at the very height of her craft.

sing 2

Does Sing 2 hit all the right notes???

Don't listen to some adult's opinion - check out what our kid reviewers thought of Sing 2!!!


falling for figaro

While Falling for Figaro isn’t as dramatically complex as the opera it’s based upon, there is still enough here for fans of opera and the rom-com genre to enjoy.



An intimate exploration of family grief and sins of the past tenderly portrayed by a cast led by Charlotte Rampling at the very heights of her acting powers. Juniper is the best NZ film of the year. An absolute must see.

breaking bread.jpg

breaking bread

Breaking Bread is a magnificent testament to the wonders and joy of food and the extraordinarily power it has in bringing people, even sworn enemies, to the table together.


With so many streaming services out there and so many movies hitting our screens this month we thought we'd get together a list of the best movies coming up!


With so many streaming services out there and so many TV shows and specials hitting our screens this month we thought we'd get together a list of the best TV coming up!

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Happy New Year from Movie Army!

Cheers for all the support and see you in 2022.

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