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mega time squad

DIRECTOR: tim van dammen (romeo and juliet: a love song)
STARRING: anton tennet, jonathan brugh, milo cawthorne, and yoson an


REVIEWER: purdie jenkins


A small-town crim finds an ancient Chinese time-travel device that can help him pull off a heist and start a new life-but he may not survive the consequences of tampering with time. 

There is nothing big or epic about Mega Time Squad, it’s humbly set in Thames and that should set up your expectations for the film. John is a grunt in a small-time criminal group, he’s a bit of a loser but with big dreams of getting enough money to leave Thames and the terrible leadership of Shelton.


It all starts with a plot to steal “Chinese Money” which leads to John coming across an ancient Chinese bracelet that enables him the ability to jump back in time… and chaos ensues. It turns out that having your own gang (made up of you, yourself and you again) has its ups and downs.


The time travel isn’t explained, it’s not something that the audience needs to be concerned about, instead, the film knows you’re there to have a good time. You’ll want to watch it again right away, to catch all the missed jokes and to find all the Johns in the background.


It’s easy to see the potential for a great Hollywood remake, set in LA with a mindblowing budget, this film fits into the action formula quite tidely, but honestly, that would ruin the heart of this film. It’s so quintessentially Kiwi, small town NZ, it posses a type of charm that you would never be able to recreate.


Mega Time Squad is a delight to watch, the ‘80s inspired score really hones in the small town feeling. And Shelton’s way with words feels so familiar, it’s safe to say that his slang will remind you of some bloke that you know. If you aren’t comfortable with a lot of swearing then these wannabe gangstas might speak a little too colourfully for your tastes.


Debuting to sold out screenings at the NZIFF, this is a locally made film that you should go and see not only to support NZ cinema but because it is just so much fun.


Mega Time Squad is going to be the next Kiwi cult classic.


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