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danger uxb


When a young Royal Engineer Officer is killed trying to defuse a bomb, he is replaced by raw officer recruit Brian Ash. Ash is shocked to discover that his new unit, the 97th Tunneling Company, is in fact a hastily formed bomb disposal squad. 


With the Blitz devastating London every night and making massive demands on Royal Engineers manpower, he is to take command of 347 Section forthwith. It's not long before he's facing the real thing at close range, with his men looking on from a safe distance, making bets as to whether he'll go the same way as his predecessor…


Danger UXB is a striking series in that it not only sheds light on the unsung heroes of the bomb disposal squad who made suburban streets of the UK safe again after night raids, but just how rudimentary that process was at that time. 


With no protection gear whatsoever and learning on the job which meant life or death, Danger UXB is not only a heart in your mouth drama, but is a perfect monument to those who served their country during WWII in this particular way. 


The series also masterfully develops the vast array of characters wonderfully led by Anthony Andrews (who would later go on to star with Jeremy Irons in the classic TV drama Brideshead Revisited) through exploring the lives and loves of the unit.


Danger UXB is a striking, heart-in-your-mouth series that serves as a monument to the unsung heroes of World War II.


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