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Sequel Swot is all about preparing you for the next upcoming sequel to hit the cinema screens. Today we look back at Deadpool in preparation of Deadpool 2. 


Former Special Forces Operative Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) works as a mercenary until he is captured and has scientific experiments forced upon him. These experiments leave him not only disfigured but transform him into Deadpool; Wilson’s twisted humoured alter ego with accelerated healing abilities.

If there was a more genre busting, culture shaking film than Deadpool in 2016 then I didn’t see it. Deadpool took the superhero mould shook it around, slapped some dirt and skin tight lycra on it, and giggled all the way to the box office. Deadpool proved that superhero movies didn’t just have to be Marvel – ish to succeed both with audiences and the critics. They just have to be a wee bit different.


At first glance Deadpool follows the same formula as many a superhero story: the hero (or anti-hero in this case) gets experimented on, gets superpowers, and goes after the bad guy and ultimate defeats him. So far familiar territory.


But it’s how Deadpool colours in the superhero tale picture that is so darn entertaining. The naughty humour, the constant breaking of the third wall, and the insanely absurd action sequences all make for a complete fresh take on the superhero genre.


Ryan Reynolds is loveable and hilarious in the role of Deadpool, completely breaking out of the earnest, pretty boy stereotype that audiences have grown accustomed to him occupying. This Deadpool role has completely transformed his career and seems to match his personality in real life as well (check out his twitter feed: hilarious!)


The action sequences are quick and slick, the banter is on point, and the whole thing is just an incredibly enjoyable ride into the humorous mind of Ryan Reynolds.

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