Raw and visceral that will pull at every heart string, Savage is a New Zealand gang film of thundering power that will leave you with haunting questions long after the credits roll. 



Although Unhinged is slightly predictable, it’s a nail biting ride with a manically raging performance from Russell Crowe.

secret garden.jpg

the secret garden

A whimsical, joyous adaption of the classic novel, The Secret Garden is a magical, nostalgic film for children and adults alike.

new mutants.jpg

the new mutants

Even though it will entertain you, The New Mutants attempts to go darker and edgier appears as though it has become stuck between the old and the new. 

bill and ted.jpg

bill & ted face the music

Although the film’s conclusion seemed a little anticlimactic, Bill & Ted Face the Music is an entertaining ride through time and space.


how to train your dragon: homecoming

Although it feels more like a holiday special than a film, How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming is a wonderful return to Berk and all the characters we have grown to love. 

military wives.jpg

military wives

Petty fights with friends can co-exist with husbands injured at war, which can also co-exist with finding the right harmony at choir. Military Wives is private, personal, crushing and wholly triumphant.

this town.jpg

this town

Entertaining and intriguing, This Town is fun and familiar in the very best way. Another quality example of watching our own fabulous country and culture on the big screen.

king of staten.jpg

the King of staten island

At times hilarious at others heartbreakingly raw and poignant, The King of Staten Island is a beautiful exploration of grief and taking control of your chaotic life.



Radioactive is a cleverly crafted film that presents a haunting true story in an undeniably beautiful way.

the high note.jpg

the high note

While an easy-going new entry to the cinema-scape, The High Note does miss a few beats along the way. Comfy, but not cutting-edge, it's a fun way to spend a winter's evening out.

trolls world tour.jpg

trolls: world tour

It might seem that the film is a little heavy or dark, but it is zanny, bright and fun. There are catchy tunes and incredible visual effects all throughout to keep everyone entertained. Trolls: World Tour is sure to be a hit these school holidays.

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