flashback friday |  the brothers bloom

Our contributors look back at one of their favourite movies of all time and give us the low down on it. So it goes without saying that the film is gonna be a five outta five. 

Luke Williams gives us the lowdown on the terrific film, The Brothers Bloom

children's films

Not sure how to entertain the children? The grand kids driving you up the wall?Here are our reviews of the latest children's films in cinemas and on disc and digital.  

To commemorate ANZAC Day we have collated a list of the Top Ten War films.
Filled with heroism, heartbreak, and the horrors of war, these films help us to reflect on the enormous sacrifice of service men and women who helped to fight to defend our freedom. 

​Lest we forget.

netflix binge

Stormy Saturday? Sunless Sunday? Just can't be bothered going out?

Here are some surefire films of yesteryear on Netflix that will eliminate the chill.

What better way to get to know our regular contributors than finding out their top ten movies...of all time! 

First up is Jesse who is not only a fleet manager for a courier company but a keen gamer which allows him to stay away from humans as much as possible. 

from the editor's desk

Welcome to Movie Army! So who or what the heck is Movie Army? 

top ten british films

You can't get more British than pork pies, the Beatles, or the spirit of the Blitz. Apart from quite possibly this list. 

netflix and oscar

Movie making genius, Steven Spielberg (may his name be praised), recently said that he reckons Netflix movies shouldn't be up for Oscars. Is he right? Or a bit doolally? We look at both sides of the debate. 

star wars: The last Jedi steelbook

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Steelbook Blu-ray is a simple, but beautiful collectable for any movie fan.

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