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four kids and it


director: Andy De Emmony
starring: paula patton, matthew goode, russell brand and michael caine


REVIEWER: lyall carter

Four kids on holiday in Cornwall meet a magical creature on the beach with the power to grant wishes.

School holidays are upon us again! And with some big studio kids films being delayed, there is more room in the cinema calendar for us to really take notice of what’s on offer. And Four Kids and It is an entertaining, if not that memorable, film for kids and adults alike. 


Young teens Ros and Smash are forced together on holiday after their respective parents begin dating. Along with their younger siblings, the girls find the Psammead, an ancient, magical creature who can grant one wish a day. It doesn't take long before the kids find out that Mr. Trent, a local aristocrat, plans to use the creature's wishmaking for his own dastardly deeds.


Four Kids and It is based on the book by Jacqueline Wilson who based her book on the E. Nesbit classic Five Children and It. That’s, fortunately, where the confusion ends. Four Kids and It is a charming, magical story that is filled with adventure and a lot of great lessons along the way.


Sometimes the moral of the story can feel a little contrived, but there are more than enough great conversation starters to be had with your children after the film.


The CGI magical creature the Psammead is pretty faultless in its realisation on screen but the sequences when the children are flying seemed a little too obvious that they were standing in front of a green screen. 


The children cast are funny and charming but Russell Brand, who hams it up as the rich aristocrat with dastardly intentions, causes a chuckle every time he’s on the screen.


Although Four Kids and It isn’t destined for the classic children category, it’s still a magical adventure worth going on. 


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