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DIRECTOR: david blair (away, the messenger)
STARRING: iwan rheon, milo gibson, stefanie martini, and Marcin Dorocinski


REVIEWER: lyall carter


Polish pilots overcome prejudice to fight against the Luftwaffe with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, in the hope of protecting both Great Britain and their own Poland from the German advance.

Even though it only consisted of one third of the story, the dog fights over land and sea in Dunkirk (2017) set the cinematic benchmark for aerial combat. While Hurricane doesn't quite reach the bar that was set so high by Dunkirk its still a highly entertaining ride. 

After the surrender of Poland many of its pilots escape to England to help the RAF battle the German Luftwaffe air force. The group of men must not only face the battle in the air but they must also face the loss of comrades and loved ones and bitter racism. 

One of the many things about film that I love is that you discover new historical stories. I had never heard of the No. 303 Polish Squadron who not only fought in the Battle of Britain but had the most kills out of any Hurricane squadron. 

Needless to say Hurricane is a terrific story punctuated with great aerial combat. The only aspect of the film that lets it down is the sometimes dodgy special effects that at times look a little like a PS2 game. 

The acting is all first class with Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton) leading the way as Jan Zumbach, the squadron's unofficial leader. Stefanie Martini continues her impressive work as Phyllis, a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and Jan's love interest.

A great WWII film filled to the brim with a great story and aerial combat, but is slightly let down by the CGI. 


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