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into the darkness


director: Anders Refn (seth)
starring: jesper christensen, bodil jorgensen, mads reuther and Gustav Dyekjaer Giese


REVIEWER: lyall carter

Denmark, 1940. A Danish industrialist, cooperates and profits from the German occupation of Denmark.  While his family finds themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

The Skov family are a typical upper class family, making their wealth in electronic production. But as Denmark is invaded by the Germans and they begin their occupation, the Skov family slowly falls apart as some of its members begrudgingly align themselves with the occupying force while others begin to join the growing Danish resistance movement. 


Into the Darkness is a fascinating exploration of assimilation with an occupying force and its subsequent effect on a family played out on the canvas of World War II. The Skov family are proud Danish citizens but as the occupation begins to take effect we see Karl, the father and electronic industrialist, battle to keep his company afloat and his workers employed. 


Karl resists joining others to help produce armaments for the German war effort but as business dries up, he has to join with the occupying forces to keep his employees in work. His daughter ends up marrying a German officer and his son, once a proud Danish soldier resistant to the German forces, ends up completely assimilating and believing their racist rhetoric. His other son, however, joins the resistance. 


Although it’s a necessary exploration with superb acting and production design, it is a long form drama, with a running time of just over two and a half hours. For some, used to an hour portions of streaming dramas, this could be a bit of an ask. But for those with cinematic patience, Into the Darkness delivers a superb, well acted drama that poses some pertinent questions. 


Although Into the Darkness has quite a long running time that could test the attention span of some movie goers, it delivers a superb, well acted drama that poses some pertinent questions. 


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