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ironside series 1 - 4


“The only excuse for a policeman to take a day off is a death. His own.” This is San Francisco's Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside's belief - one that he comes painfully close to. A man such as Ironside, passionately detesting criminals and crime, gathers a rich harvest of dissatisfied customers in the course of a long career. Perhaps it was inevitable then that one of his revengeful “clients” would take six shots at Chief Ironside.


Now confined to a wheelchair, the unsinkable Ironside continues to work out of the Police Commissioner’s office on Special Assignment, aided by young Detective Sergeant Ed Brown, Officer Eve Whitfield and Mark Sanger - an angry youth who was tamed by the Chief’s rough but effective therapy. Starting without tangible clues, Ironside doggedly sifts the list of suspects, screens his leads endlessly, eliminates the implausible and finally pounces on his quarry. A man to fear, a man to respect and always a man to remember.


This 29-disc set brings together the first four seasons of the long-running hit television police series, including the original feature-length pilot.


Even though it’s first episode premiered in the late 60’s, Ironside is still as edgy and as entertaining as it was when it was originally broadcast. Police procedurals were as much of a constant on TV as they are today, but Ironside was quite different. Instead of an action-stacked thriller with a policeman chasing down criminals, Ironside is confined to a wheelchair. 


This requires the crimes to be solved through the use of brains instead of brawn and in doing so also giving spotlight and representation to those in the disabled community. It was unheard of in the 60’s to have such a prominent character in a police procedural and still, unfortunately, rare today. Which shows why Ironside was such a trailblazing TV show. 


Raymond Burr is a legend of American television. From Perry Mason, the most famous (fictional) attorney in the US, to Ironside Burr was a constant presence on American TV screens for nearly two decades. From his commanding stature, stern voice, and stacks of charisma, Burr was the ideal leading man. Even though his character of Ironside is tough and surly, Burr was able to infuse him with a tender humanity.


A trailblazing show in its unique approach to police procedurals, Ironside is a dynamic and engaging series led by the ever charismatic and commanding legend Raymond Burr.


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