jesse's top ten
10.  thor ragnarok (2017)
9.  shutter island (2010)

What better way to get to know our regular contributors than finding out their top ten movies...of all time!

First up is Jesse who is not only a fleet manager for a courier company but a keen gamer which allows him to stay away from humans as much as possible. 


Taika Waititi's hilarious Kiwi humour is riddled throughout a big American blockbuster. All the colour and excitement that a comic book movie should be.

A proper suspenseful thriller that kept me hooked throughout the whole movie.

8.  hot fuzz (2007)

Regardless of how many times I watch it I still find it hilarious and a load of fun. Also great memories of my mate Lyall absolutely loosing it in the cinema when an old lady gets kicked in the face.

7.  the railway man (2013)

The only movie I have ever been to see in the cinema alone and also one of the very few movies that have made me shed a tear. Colin Firth was amazing in this.

6. skyfall (2012)
5.  in bruges (2008)

I loved Daniel Craig as Bond in this. His best portrayal of Bond and Javier Bardem is an incredible villain in this. I loved the storyline and throw it in with some beautiful Scottish scenery featuring the comeback of the amazing DB5 - awesome!

A little more of a slower pace to what i usually enjoy but so much fun. Everyone in it is bloody hilarious! "You're a bunch of f***ng elephants."


4.  once upon a time in Mexico (2003)

I watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico over and over though my teens and loved it. It was cool, funny and action packed.

3.  hacksaw ridge (2016)

Mel Gibson doing what he does best. An incredible story no matter how many times you watch it, it keeps you on the edge of you seat and your eyes fixed to the screen.

2.  kingsman: the secret service (2014)
1.  snatch (2000)

I don't remember a time that I have smiled so much throughout an entire movie. The church scene is one of my favourite scenes ever in a movie.

Witty, clever, gritty. Guy Ritchie at his best.

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