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last christmas


DIRECTOR: paul feig (bridesmaids, a simple favor, spy)
STARRING: emilia clarke, henry golding, michelle yeoh, and emma thompson


REVIEWER: emily carter

A young woman, who has been continuously unlucky, accepts a job as a department store elf during the holidays. When Kate meets Tom on the job, her life takes a turn.

Like a Christmas pud covered in custard and smothered in crushed candy canes - Last Christmas is ooey gooey sweet, a little festive and a touch predictable. Oh, and rough around the edges in the most charming of ways.


There's nothing that gets you amped for all those warm, glowy festive feelings like a rom-com Christmas film - and here's one served up hot for your November. Starring Emilia Clarke (of Game of Thrones fame), Henry Golding ( from Crazy Rich Asians) and Emma Thompson (who also co-wrote the movie), Last Christmas is a confection of impressive names that lift this movie beyond just-another-Christmas-film.


It's about Kate (Clarke), a young woman who is avoiding home after a life-changing medical event, and works as a full time professional elf in a year-round Christmas shop. When life is a total mess, she meets the charitable, charming and wholly put-together Tom (Golding), and things start to feel like they're falling together again.


The dialogue is so witty and relevant - packed with crowd-pleasing gags throughout. Kate (Clarke) serves up all the best lines with the natural goofiness she is known for, while Tom (Golding) is the kinda-sorta love interest that says and does too-perfect things. His character is an unreal version of sweet that unfortunately brings the cheesy factor up to an 8. One fabulous addition is Michelle Yeoh as 'Santa'. Her storyline almost deserves a movie of its own!


Last Christmas' story has all these wonderful wee pieces, they're just not put together in the most fitting way. We meet a wonderful group of characters that come along right at the end, so you feel as though you've missed out on something special. Although Kate works in a Christmas shop, in many moments you forget it's a Christmas movie at all. The fact that December 25th is looming is simply squished in here and there. BUT let's not forget the film is also woven with George Michael tunes throughout - this proved to be a real highlight!


And the laughs are glorious. As well as the tears that may even make an appearance. There's no denying that Emilia Clarke is impossible to dislike, and she does not disappoint here. She wraps up physical comedy along with a superbly sharp wit - yet another role she's wonderful in. 


And while it has some slippery moments, there's enough rom, a bunch of com and a serving of Christmas - all as promised. It's feel-good and fun, but probably won't make it to the top shelf of your Christmas classics.


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