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little eggs: an african rescue


starring: Paula Andrea Barros, Romulo Bernal, Zeno Robinson, and Frederico P Fajardo

REVIEWER: lyall carter

Toto and his friends must rescue his egg children after they're taken away for a gourmet food event in Africa.

Toto, head rooster on a small farm, struggles to come to terms with parenting his two newly laid Little Eggs, Uly and Max, whose unruly behaviour has him pulling out his feathers. But this is only the beginning of Toto’s troubles. 


Because his Little Eggs are golden in colour, they have caught the attention of The Duchess, a Russian egg collecting villain. She raids the farm to steal Uly and Max and ships them to Africa to become the main course at a secret dinner for the world's billionaires, who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for exotic dishes. Toto and his friends must find a way to travel to Africa and rescue their Little Eggs while avoiding danger along the way. 


As I was hitting my teenage years one of my favourite animated films was Aardman’s Chicken Run. There was a slapstick humour, sensibility, and artistry about it that was just as endearing as it was entertaining. There is something strangely similar between Chicken Run and Little Eggs: An African Rescue (Chicken Run is still better in my honest opinion) and it’s not just because it’s about chickens. 


There is something hugely endearing about Little Eggs: An African Rescue from its popping, colourful animation to its slapstick comedy and of course fart jokes. While it doesn’t quite reach the heights and depths of details of an animation from a major Hollywood studio, it's still fantastic stuff. And it's brilliantly bonkers too. Talking eggs anyone?


Colourful, fun filled, and a little bit bonkers Little Eggs: An African Rescue is an animated tale that young and old will enjoy alike.


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