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lowdown dirty criminals


DIRECTOR: Paul murphy (second hand wedding, love birds)
STARRING: james rolleston, samuel austin, rebecca gibney and cohen holloway


REVIEWER: lyall carter

When Freddy loses his job delivering pizza, he and his best buddy Marvin find work with a small-time crook which soon spirals out of control. 

With the lack of big blockbuster films hitting our shores, cinema goers have been able to focus on more locally produced fare. And the great thing for our local industry is there seems to have been a lot of well crafted, locally made films hitting our screens this year. And although not a completely original concept, Lowdown Dirty Criminals will still keep you entertained.

When Freddy (James Rolleston) loses his job, he and his best buddy Marvin (Samuel Austin) naively conclude a life of crime may lead them to the wealth and standing they desire.


But when they mess up their first job, a sequence of hilarious and violent events snowball out of control, leading them to their most intimidating enemy yet, The Upholsterer (Rebecca Gibney). The ensuing chaos caused by her two henchmen Semo (Robbie Magasiva) and Roy (Cohen Holloway) on their hunt to find the boys forces them to reconsider their careers as criminals.


It will be hard for Lowdown Dirty Criminals to escape from comparisons to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels kinda films. There’s criminals a plenty, bloody violence and a sprawling set of storylines and characters that appear slowly come together as the film progresses.


But even though the story is entertaining and there are some really laugh out loud moments, the film seems a little loose. The narrative isn’t as tight as it could be, some of the characters don’t seem completely fleshed out and are merely criminal caricatures and the mysterious package that the film revolves around is a little bit of a let down.

However it’s absolutely brilliant to see James Rolleston on the big screen again. This guy is a phenomenal actor and completely commands the screen whenever he’s on it. Rebecca Gibney is particularly superb as the crime boss The Upholsterer and Cohen Holloway is hilarious as one of the bumbling henchmen.

Although not a completely original concept with a few wobbles, Lowdown Dirty Criminals has more than enough on offer to entertain.


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