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disney plus - august 2021

10.  no country for old men (2007)


Disturbing, dark, yet somehow incredibly engaging. It’s hard to look away but you just can’t – you will need to know what happens. Javier Bardem made his character fantastically creepy.


8.  serenity (2005)
9.  snatch (2000)


Fast paced with always fun cinematography and editing in a style pioneered by Guy Ritchie. And, who knew Brad Pitt could act?


7.  back to the future trilogy (1985, 89, 90)


I’m a sucker for the Firefly TV series so it follows that I’m all over Serenity. Joss Whedon takes the space cowboy theme and runs with it. It almost feels like it could be a real future – I enjoy the lack of aliens in the storyline.


6.  the intouchables (2011)


Some of the best characters written with brilliant character development. It’s also charming and shows the power of forgiveness and the amazing things that can happen when we open ourselves up to friendship.


4.  pulp fiction (1994)


Personally can’t (or won’t, pick one) fault with the series. The continuity between the films is incredible as are the details of things that change over time based on the actions of previous films and stories…so good!


5.  life is beautiful (1997)


If you don’t cry in this movie, you’re not a human. It’s just a beautiful story, and you know it would have been exactly like this. Ultimate love, ultimate sacrifice.


3.  fight club (1994)

It’s violent and wildly entertaining. Enough said.


2.  the brothers bloom (2008)

Brilliant opening scene that needs to be viewed multiple times to catch everything; clever deceptive storyline that has you guessing all the way through and leaves you unsure of the end result! Story of brother con artists and the manipulation of life through giving everyone exactly what they want…there’s probably a catch.


You know we can’t talk about it.


1.  in bruges (2008)

Colin Farrell is a hitman who made a terrible mistake. Set in the fairytale town of Brugge in Belgium, the story unfolds with the help of creative characters, clever dialogue, cocaine, a dwarf, and obese “fookin’ elephant” Americans.  


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