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mission: impossible - fallout


DIRECTOR: Christopher McQuarrie (the way of the gun, jack reacher, mission: impossible - rogue nation)
STARRING: tom cruise, henry cavill, rebecca ferguson, and simon pegg


REVIEWER: lyall carter

Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin, August Walker, to prevent a disaster of epic proportions as a group of terrorists plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

Tom Cruise makes the kind of crowd pleasing flicks where you know you're going to have a rip roaring night out. That being said M:I - Fallout has to be (and I know it's a big call - he's made some great ones) his best action film yet. 

Two years have passed since the events of Rogue Nation with the remainder of captured Solomon Lane's anarchist group ,The Syndicate, having formed themselves into the terror group: The Apostles. Ethan along with Luther and Benji head to Berlin to intercept three plutonium cores which are destined for The Apostles client, the mysterious John Lark. 

The mission goes south and The Apostles get a hold of the plutonium and Ethan and his team must set out to save the world (again) with all the odds stacked against them. Some may say that the mission is impossible. Sorry. I couldn't resist. 

Whenever you hear of all the incredible stunt sequences that are coming up in the latest Mission movie there is the slight suspicion that the movie is just a vehicle for those action sequences, fantastic as they may be. 

Although the stunts are breath taking, M:I - Fallout is so, so much more than its stunts. The plot twists and weaves and keeps the pace up throughout, always leaving the audience to question who the real person or people are behind the threat on the global horizon. There is even a nice little nod, see if you can catch it, right back to the very first Mission film that kickstarted the franchise back in 1996. Yup. Its been going that long. 

The returning members of the cast give great performances with Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames comedically bouncing off one another. Newcomers to the franchise, Henry Cavill is perfect as the square, jawed, CIA thug, Vanessa Kirby is superb as the mysteriously seductive arms dealer, and Angela Bassett is fantastic as the take-no-crap CIA chief. 

It feels like the action sequences don't stop and keep topping one another in their lunacy, pace, and the punch that they pack. In the car chase in Paris you think it's all over and you are about to exhale the breath you have been holding but they are off again at break neck, craze fuelled speed. The helicopter sequence at the end of the movie, filmed in little old NZ, is particularly spectacular and just absolutely mad in the best kinda way. 

But M: I - Fallout belongs to none other than Mr. Cruise. Arguably it's the Mission movies that made him the action star that he is today, but it's Tom Cruise that makes M: I - Fallout. The intensity and humanity he brings to Ethan is outstanding as well as the way he puts his body on the line (the stunt where he actually broke his foot made it into the movie) is nothing short of extraordinary. 


 M:I - Fallout  never relents in action, plot, and pace making it one of the best action films to be released in a long time. Find the biggest screen in town and go see it. You won't be disappointed. 


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