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mr. jones

DIRECTOR: Agnieszka Holland (in darkness)
STARRING: james norton, vanessa kirby, peter sarsgaard and joseph mawle


REVIEWER: lyall carter

A Welsh journalist breaks the news in the western media of the famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s.

In a world where fact is substituted for opinion and the ends still justify the means, the true story of journalist Gareth Jones is desperately needed more than ever.  


In 1933, Gareth Jones, an ambitious young journalist, receives permission to travel to the Soviet Union to attempt to interview Stalin and find out more about the Soviet Union's economic expansion and its apparently successful five-year development plan.


Jones is restricted to Moscow, but jumps his train and travels unofficially to Ukraine to discover horrors that the world must hear.


Mr. Jones is like Mainland cheese - good things take time. The films pacing, especially in the middle part of the film where he goes to the Ukraine, is quite slow. But it needed to be to not only show the desolate, snow swept landscape but also the length and breadth of the horror that Jones discovers. 


The story of Mr. Jones, both the film and the real life person, poses some fundamental and important questions for our age. Attempting to step away from political and ideological beliefs - should we pay the ultimate price to expose the truth? And even when we know that particular political parties or leaders have some measure of moral corruption does the end ever justify the means? At what point does the public demand better?


The cast of Mr. Jones is a great one with wonderful performances from Norton, Kirby, and Sarsgaard. In this film you really can see why James Norton is a frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as Bond.


One of the most important films of our time, Mr. Jones is an incredible true story that must be seen to be believed.

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