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my big fat greek wedding 3

starring: nia vardalos, john corbett, andrea martin, and laine kazan

REVIEWER: purdie picot

After travelling to Greece for a family reunion, a woman attempts to locate her deceased father's childhood friends.

We travel to Greece with the Portokalos family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, a reunion that brings the much-loved Greek family back to their late father’s village. Toula is determined to get her father’s journal to his three best friends from childhood, and of course the rest of the family come along for what should be a delightful Greecian vacation. But we know the Portokalos family, and while they are tight-knit they also bring a certain amount of chaos with them as well which boils down to a delightful fun film about family and all the joys that they bring. 


The film handles a time-skip smoothly, the family has grown and gotten older. With the death of Michael Constantine, the fictional family is now missing the head, and while none of the Portokalos siblings seem to be gunning for the position someone needs to step up to the role.

Toula and Ian are still deeply in love and wanting the best for their family while also struggling to find time for themselves. Toula is so focused on finding her father’s friends she misses the bigger picture. The reunion also seems to be a bit of a bust as well, in the village there are more goats than family! 


All the returning cast slip back into their roles like old slippers, this is family, with all the love, trust and ribbing that you expect! The newer members of the family, like ‘cousin’ Victory are a stand out as well - bringing a fresh face with unstoppable positivity and confidence really kept the film from pausing too long in the reality of getting older. With a family this size comes secrets, and why the Portokalos family thinks they can keep anything hush hush is beyond me. They are close and when they realise that their love and acceptance is strong then we get back to what this film series is about, family will always be there for you. 


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 isn’t afraid about aging and growing the family. It’s a wholesome film, a moment to escape away (perhaps from your own family dramas) and view the beautiful Greek islands. It’s a fun time with familiar faces! 

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