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Movie making genius, Steven Spielberg (may his name be praised), recently said that he reckons Netflix movies shouldn't be up for Oscars. Is he right? Or a bit doolally? We look at both sides of the debate. 


Should Netflix movies be excluded from the the big movie awards? Heck no.


Really, what is the difference? One group gets a theatrical release and the other goes straight to TV. They are however, both still movies.


I’d understand if a TV series was trying to beat out a movie for an award when the two are distinctly different, but in a movie v movie format, their release platform shouldn't exclude them.

The awards should be based on the critiques or stand out points of the film - be it the plot, characters, or costuming - none of which are at all affected by the release platform.

Words by Hadassah Devis.



Should Netflix movies be excluded from the the big movie awards? Yes they should be. 


Apart from big blockbusters, the cinema industry isn't doing as well as it used to worldwide, especially when it comes to smaller films. If Netflix films are considered for Oscar nominations and other major awards I believe we will see a decline in smaller, independent films being released in cinemas.


It was after the award success of Netflix produced House of Cards that the television landscape shifted dramatically. When the BBC announced that they weren't dumping all the episodes of their new Agatha Christie adaptation Ordeal by Innocence, there was a public outcry. The way in which we consume television content has completely changed. Some of it is great, some not so much.


I fear that if we go down the path of awarding Oscars and other big awards to films released solely on online platforms, we will see a decline of smaller films and with it new and up and coming film makers. Mr. Spielberg might be onto something. 

Words by Lyall Carter. 


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