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Stormy Saturday? Sunless Sunday? Just can't be bothered going out?

Here are some surefire films of yesteryear on Netflix that will eliminate the chill.

chicken run (2000)

The first feature length effort from Aardman, Chicken Run  is the tale of a band of chickens attempting to escape the evil pie plan of Mrs. Tweedy that will entertain children and adult alike. 

inside man (2006)

Packed to the brim with an all star cast and a ripping script, Inside Man is the seemingly straight forward story of a group of bank robbers who must negotiate with police after the bank they are robbing is completely surrounded. A completely engrossing crime thriller, Inside Man will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish. 

fury (2014)

One of the best war films of the 2010s, Fury follows the fortunes of a tank crew pushing across enemy territory at the end of the Second World War. Gripping and action packed, Fury is a much watch. 

jaws (1975)

The one and only Jaws. The film that launched Spielberg's career and our dreaded fear of sharks. Jaws is the action packed account of a group of blokes who must hunt down a shark that is terrorising a popular beach resort. 

john wick (2014)
the notebook (2004)


If you are after a no holds barred, bang bang shoot 'em up action movie then John Wick is the movie you're after. Somebody makes the stupid mistake of killing retired assassin John Wick's dog. So he sets out to hunt them down and kill them. As you do. 


The quintessential chick flick romance, The Notebook follows the love story of Noah and Allie across the years. Grab the tissues; its a weepy one.  

the other guys (2010)
the revenant (2015)

If you want to laugh 'til you cry, then The Other Guys is your movie. It follows two hapless cops who must step up to solve a massive crime after the city's top cops are no longer on the scene. Just wait to the discussion about lions and tuna. Absurd but hilarious. The Other Guys also serves as a biography for the life of two of our contributors Lyall and Jesse. The curly headed one is Lyall in case you were wondering. 

selma (2014)

Finally Leo got his Oscar and deservedly so. The Revenant follows the story of Hugh Glass, a fur trapper in the 1820s America frontier, who is left for dead by his companions after a ferocious bear attack and must make his way back to civilisation. Although the bear attack is hard to stomach, The Revenant is a terrific watch.  

spotlight (2015)

Selma depicts the 1965 march on the city of Selma for equal voting rights led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is played superbly by David Oyelowo. Powerful and at times heartbreaking, Selma is a terrific film that you must see.

A deserved winner of the Best Picture Oscar, Spotlight is the story of a group of Boston Globe journalist who upon investigating an unfrocked Catholic priest, begin to discover years of coverup and a conspiracy that lays at the very heart of power in Boston.

Spotlight will have your blood boiling at times at the horrific crimes committed and covered up, but its complete engrossing from start to finish and one of the best journalistic films in recent memory. 

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