hope gap.jpg

hope gap

A film of ferocious power in its simple intimacy, Hope Gap has one of the best ensemble performances of the year and Bill Nighy gives a career best. Not one to be missed.


four kids and it

Although Four Kids and It isn’t destined for the classic children category, it’s still a magical adventure worth going on.

cut throat city.jpg

cut throat city

Although Cut Throat City asks poignant and timely questions with a winning turn from Gonzalez, the execution of its third act will leave you a little confused.



A movie which increases exponentially in violence and craziness as it progresses, Becky is an entertaining ride for those after some crazy mixed with gore.



Raw and visceral that will pull at every heart string, Savage is a New Zealand gang film of thundering power that will leave you with haunting questions long after the credits roll. 

bill and ted.jpg

bill & ted face the music

Although the film’s conclusion seemed a little anticlimactic, Bill & Ted Face the Music is an entertaining ride through time and space.

australian dream.jpg

the australian dream

It will hit you with the force of a freight train and will leave you in a seething mess of tears and wanting to make a difference in our world. The Australian Dream is one of the best films of this year. 



Although there are a few moments that can drag ever so slightly, Fatima is a compelling true story that not only leaves the audience with deep questions of faith but a little hope as well.

the quarry.jpg

the quarry

The Quarry explores themes of sin and redemption in this gritty, bare knuckle drama that can be slow at times but the searing performances from the two leads is more than worth the watch.

return to gandhi.jpg

return to gandhi road

Return to Gandhi Road is a wondrous snapshot into the personal, spiritual journey of an intrepid Kiwi explorer, with beautiful cinematography that takes one on a wondrous journey of the senses.


lowdown dirty criminals

Although not a completely original concept with a few wobbles, Lowdown Dirty Criminals has more than enough on offer to entertain.



Even though Tenet has clunky dialogue that can slow it down at times, it's still an ambitious, complex, action stacked thriller that demands the full cinematic experience.

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