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annabelle comes home.jpg

annabelle comes home

Annabelle Comes Home shows that The Conjuring universe still has a lot to offer.



Anna is a good, fun watch for its great supporting cast and excellent action scenes, but is slightly undone by its rather unconventional telling.

childs play.jpg

child's play

Child’s Play is what is says on the box; a fun and easy reboot horror.

the ideal palaca.jpg

the ideal palace

The Ideal Palace is an ode to the ability of humanity to create beauty in the most mundane of places. 

secret life of pets 2.jpg

the secret life of pets 2

Check out what Braxton (5) and Ethan (3) thought of The Secret Life of Pets 2.

men in black international.jpg

mib: international

Doesn't quite capture the chemistry of Hemsworth and Thompson's previous outing, but MIB: International still makes for a good night out

sometimes always never.jpg

sometimes always never

Anchored by an award worthy performance from Bill Nighy Sometimes Always Never is a poignant and darkly humorous tale of loss and reconciliation. 



Pavarotti is a heartwarming trip filled with moments that share his passion for singing that those familiar with his life and music and newcomers to his work will enjoy. 

never look away.jpg

never look away

A modern cinematic masterpiece Never Look Away is one of the most exquisitely beautiful and dramatically rich films of the last decade. 

wild rose.jpg

wild rose

Dreams can be big, life can seem bigger. Wild Rose is a Scottish flick to send your heart soaring.



His biggest titles were ground-breaking and now his biopic deserves some spotlight too. Hobbit fans should make sure they go back to the beginning with Tolkien.



Prepare yourself. Rocketman is unlike any musical bio pic you've seen. It takes big, bold, brilliant risks which they pretty much always pull off. 

godzilla II.jpg

godzilla ii: king of monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a popcorn flick through and through, and surely will satisfy any urge for bombast that action movie fans may have. 


asterix: the secret of the magic potion

A fun afternoon out with some really crack up moments, bold animation, and some good old Asterix and Obelix nostalgia thrown in for good measure. 



With sparkle and magic in all the right places, Aladdin is visual confectionery and gorgeous nostalgia all wrapped up in another gem for Disney.

john wick 3.jpg

john wick 3: parabellum

Bold, brash, bloody brilliant. John Wick is back with the best action film of 2019.

xmen dark phoenix.jpg

x-men: dark phoenix

An entertaining yet kinda forgettable ride, X-Men: Dark Phoenix doesn't quite go out with the bang the franchise deserves. 

don quixote.jpg

the man who killed don quixote

Goofy, madcap, and hilarious The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has been more than worth the wait.


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