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ocean's 8

DIRECTOR: gary ross (seabiscuit, the hunger games, free state of jones)
STARRING: sandra bullock, cate blanchett, anne hathaway, and helena bonham carter



Debbie Ocean recruits a crew of specialists to pull off the biggest heist of them all: stealing a necklace that's worth more than $150 million.

It has been a real dry stretch since our last taste of Ocean's, and boy have we missed a sparkling heist film like this one!


Ocean's 8 finally graces our movie screens - over a decade after the last film. With its usual master mind heist plot and star-studded cast, it's a fun watch from beginning to end. 


This instalment features an all-female group, Cartier diamonds and the Met Gala - an exciting and coincidentally timely combination. Starring Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, Cate Blanchett playing best friend Lou, Rihanna as Nine Ball - a computer genius, Mindy Kaling as jeweller Anita, Sarah Paulson is Tammy - a "former" criminal, Awkwafina plays Constance, a master at slight of hand, Helena Bonham-Carter as infamous designer Rose and Anne Hathaway is high-flying celeb, Daphne Kruger. A cast with just as much Hollywood sparkle as the jewels they're set to steal.


Ocean's 8 premieres at a time when women in film is at the forefront of our minds and the news headlines, so you'd be forgiven for making a connection. However, when viewing the film, it becomes clear there's no veiled message or staunch stand for a bigger movement - it's a fun, big, Hollywood film that happens to star a glorious group of women. It's an easy watch, a traditional and wholly entertaining heist. But on the flip side, perhaps that in itself is making a pivotal space in the movie world that needs to happen. Did Oceans just quietly made a step in the right direction? You decide.


The cast does a seamless job at carrying the Ocean's baton. It's clever while being easy to follow and Sandra Bullock is such a natural addition to the Ocean's family. A level of humour is carried throughout, with special mention to James Corden who plays a delightfully funny insurance investigator. 


A real warm welcome back to the Ocean's franchise. The perfect fit for an entertaining watch.


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