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top ten pixar films

By The Movie Army Team. 

To celebrate the release of The Incredibles 2 we at Movie Army thought we would throw together our Top Ten Pixar films.


With moving stories, superb characters, and ground breaking animation, Pixar has set the standard for animated movies over the last twenty three years. 

To infinity - and beyond!


Coco (2017)
finding nemo (2003)

Although a very recent addition to the Pixar fold, Coco tells the tale of Miguel who longs to be a musician despite his family's objections. Through a series of events Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead and must find his way home.


Containing all the hallmarks of a classic Pixar film with a story that tugs on the heart strings. When they start singing Remember Me - oh brother. Gets me every time. 

One of four Pixar releases to spawn a sequel Finding Nemo is the story of Marlin, a clown fish, who must navigate the creatures and dangers of the ocean to find his missing son.

A wonderful story of the love of a father, adventure, and friendship with stunning animation to boot, Finding Nemo is an underwater treasure. 

the incredibles (2004)

Back in 2004 when cinematic super heroes weren't as cool or mainstream as they are nowadays, Pixar brought us The Incredibles.


Bob works in insurance and lives a mundane life after the government banned him, his wife Helen, and all other supers from using their super human abilities. Out of the blue Bob is asked to help defeat an out of control robot on an island but soon finds trouble and needs his family's help. 

With believable human characters (the first time humans have taken the 'lead' in a Pixar film ), engaging action sequences, and witty dialogue, The Incredibles are just that: incredible. One more thing. Edna Mode. Brilliant.

inside out (2015)

Who would have thought that a movie about emotions would be so emotional for the audience?

Inside Out is the story of the emotions that live in 11 year old Riley's head. But when Joy and Sadness get lost in the depths of Riley's mind they must do whatever they can to get back to the control panel to save Riley. 

Imaginative, breath taking, and a joy to behold Inside Out is Pixar's most inventive film yet. Also Bing Bongs fate has to be the most gut wrenching in an animated film since Mufasa in The Lion King

monsters, Inc. (2004)
monsters university (2013)

James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are the top scarers at Monsters Incorporated, the largest and best monster scare factory in the world. But their lives are turned upside down when a little girl, Boo, enters their world. 

Filled with heart, laughs a plenty, and great technical leaps (Sully's fur is amazingly detailed), Monsters, Inc. is a terrific addition to the Pixar library. 

A prequel to 2004's Monsters, Inc., Monsters University shows us how it all began. Mike Wazowski longs to be a scarer and makes his way to Monsters University to learn the tricks of the trade. There he meets James P. Sullivan and must find his place in the monster world. 

As well as having all the hallmarks of a great Pixar movie, the depth and richness of the world that they have created in Monsters University is absolutely mind blowing. 

ratatouille (2007)

Despite being a rat, Remy dreams of becoming a chef and moves to Paris to fulfil his dream. With the help of Linguini, the garbage boy, Remy sets out to impress a great food critic. 

The most intimate of Pixar's films with some great slap stick comedy, Ratatouille teaches us that no matter who you are you can be creative. Even if you're a rat. 

toy story (1995)

Woody has been Andy's favourite toy forever. But that may soon be coming to an end when Andy's parents buy him Buzz Lightyear; a cooler, shinier action figure. But despite their differences, Woody and Andy must band together to escape the clutches of Sid.


To call Toy Story ground breaking is the understatement of all understatements. The first feature length computer animated film, Toy Story was both a critical and commercial success. Great characters with wonderful voice performances by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, a terrific story, and amazing animation, Toy Story isn't just a great Pixar film but a classic film. Period. 

up (2009)

After the death of his beloved wife, 78 year old Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house flying it and himself to Paradise Falls in South America. Unbeknown to Carl, a little boy named Russell has stowed away on his balloon powered house. 

Arguably not only one of the most heart string tearing movies in Pixar's library but of all time, Up has all the hallmarks of a Pixar film with a tender, tear jerking scene between Carl and his beloved wife one of its most memorable. 

wall-e (2008)

WALL-E is a waste disposal robot and the last robot on earth. He spends his lonely days cleaning up earth, until his isolation is broken by EVE, a probe sent back to earth on a scouting mission. Completely smitten, WALL-E heads across the galaxy in pursuit of EVE.

Pixar raised the bar again with WALL-E in a film with humour and humanity which is ironic for a film which centres around a little robot. 

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