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DIRECTOR: brad patton (ted, san andreas)
STARRING: dwayne johnson, naomi harris, malin akerman, jeffrey dean morgan

REVIEWER: jesse timbs

Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an incredible bond with George, an extremely intelligent albino gorilla. But after a genetic experiment goes wrong and transforms George into an uncontrollable monster, Okoye must team up with a discredited genetic scientist to find a cure. To make matters worse, George is not the only animal that has been infected... 

Rampage is a fun movie. Its The Rock in all his big bald muscular glory doing what he does best.


Its not the kind of movie you come and see for the story. You come to sit down and watch it a giant gorilla fight a giant wolf AND a giant crocodile.


It starts a little slow but once the action kicks in properly its good fun. It has some real laugh out loud moments. George the gorilla is pretty funny and although I love The Rock and will see any movie he is in, I have to say Jeffery Dean Morgan stole the show this time. He sorta helps bring everything back to reality when the film starts to get a little big action movie silly.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson takes on a giant gorilla. And a giant wolf. And a giant crocodile. Is there anything better?

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