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rawhide series 5 - 8


On a Saturday afternoon my Nana would get out the Rawhide box set and settle in with its catchy theme song HEAD EM' UP! MOVE EM' OUT! RAWHIIIIDDDE! to watch Gil and Rowdy and the rest of the gang on the cattle drive. 


​​Before he was Dirty Harry, he was Rowdy Yates. Watch Oscar®-winning director and actor Clint Eastwood in his breakout role as impetuous cowboy Rowdy Yates in Rawhide – Seasons 5-8.


One of the longest-running television Westerns of all time, Rawhide follows the adventures of Rowdy Yates and trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) on their cattle drive along the Sedalia Trail. With sweeping locations, a stampede of guest stars and Frankie Laine's impossible-to-forget, sing-along hit theme song relive the show’s final seasons and most memorable moments in this 28-disc collection.


Unlike many of its Western television compatriots, Rawhide has aged incredibly well in tone, content, and appeal. While its narrative structure is understandably formulaic, it’s still an exciting action packed series with moments of comedy and serious drama instilled throughout. It’s entertaining, thrilling, engaging stuff with the road-movie-like setting of the cattle drive the perfect vehicle to inject a large contingent of guest stars into the show.


While Rawhide made Clint Eastwood a household name in his breakout role as Rowdy Yates, it’s Eric Fleming who’s the real star of the show. His charisma, rugged looks, and silky voice made him the perfect leading man for that era. 


Rawhide is exciting classic Western television with gritty and action packed tales that still feel fresh even today.


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