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the seagull

DIRECTOR: michael mayer (flicka, a home at the end of the world)
STARRING: saoirse ronan, annette benning, billy howie, and elizabeth moss


REVIEWER: emily carter


At a picturesque lakeside estate, a love triangle unfolds between the diva Irina, her lover Boris, and the ingenue Nina.

Love is fickle, sweeping, sweet and... like a seagull? Just like love, The Seagull is a dramatic and confusing experience that you can't help but be swept up in!


Set at a beautiful Russian estate in summertime, The Seagull brings together an eclectic bunch, each with their own creative and dramatic sensibilities. The spotlight is always forcibly taken by Irina, an ageing theater actress, and envied by her son Konstantin.


The story is centered around being in love with someone who loves someone else. Combine that with some characters finding their sense of purpose in life, and The Seagull hits on some of life's tough bits, making for a heavily dramatic story.


As usual, Saorise Ronan is superb. She plays Konstantin's love, Nina, a beautiful and innocent young woman with dreams to be on the stage. Her attention is immediately snatched when Irina brings home her newest lover, esteemed writer Boris Trigorin.


A real standout was the film's source of humour, cousin Masha (Elizabeth Moss). The perennially-mourning Masha is desperately in love with Konstatin but is in turn passionately pursued by school teacher Medvedenko. She is somehow both desperately sad and yet has a few great quips to spare.


The Seagull is a film based on a play, which seems to help it make sense. It's incredibly theatrical, with huge highs and steep lows and a large set of main characters all with tumultuous tales to tell. And all wrapped up in a seagull metaphor for good measure.


 Be prepared for the dramatics of a play with hints of Hollywood too. A little fun, some far-fetched and also deeply sad, check out The Seagull for a love story like you've never seen.

While all a bit much at times, The Seagull has such an incredible cast which will capture your full attention.


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