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DIRECTOR: Karey Kirkpatrick (over the hedge, imagine that)
STARRING voices of: channing tatum, zendaya, gina rodriguez, and james corden


REVIEWER: emily carter

A Yeti named Migo stirs up his community when he discovers something that he didn't know existed -- a human.

A sweet, funny, whimsical kid's film to tackle those big, philosophical, life issues? Somehow Smallfoot manages to tick all those boxes, plus a few more.


Migo is a content yeti doing his part for the yeti tribe. The "mythical" beasts live in a myth themselves.. they just don't know it yet. They believe they were pooped from they butt of the great sky yeti, their town is held up by mammoths and there is nothing (nothing I tell you!) below that misty cloud. Their mantra is to take those big, life questions and swallow them back down.


Migo is all set to take his father's place as the gong-ringer one day when he discovers a "myth" of his own. A real-life smallfoot! When he tries to convince the town, he's banished! Soon Meechee and the S.E.S - Smallfoot Evidentiary Society - take Migo under their wing and set on their noble quest for truth.


Featuring the voices of Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Danny DeVito, Common, James Corden, LeBron James and more, Smallfoot has humour the kids will actually understand and music the whole family will love. 


Kid's films are constantly pushing the envelope, better animation, better music, but often overlooking the right audience - directing the jokes at mum and dad rather than the 5-10 year olds in the front row. But Smallfoot feels like it has finally got the comedy right. While yak butts and screaming goats might not hit the adults' funny bones, the kids in the audience were roaring - which I see as a real win for this fun film. While slightly soft on the middle, the beginning and end tightly tie it up with enough action to keep everyone entertained.


Migo sweetly serves the lessons of the truth or protecting the tribe in 90-something minutes of fun. Finally more for the kids than the grown-ups, Smallfoot is a superb school holiday watch.


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