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Does Disney's ENCANTO bring the magic???

Don't listen to some adult's opinion - check out what our kid reviewers thought of Encanto!!!

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the last duel

The Last Duel is an accomplished and engrossing film, one that certainly exhibits the real talent of the filmmakers and actors involved.

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the lost daughter

Even at two hours long, The Lost Daughter may be lost on someone without an appreciation for the art of acting or the patience to see the film through. And while one could argue that thematically issues are dealt with in an unbalanced way, it aptly reflects the complex conflict and character that is Leda.

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no time to die

With bone shaking action and the most emotional moments seen in any Bond film, No Time To Die is the perfect finale for Craig's magnificent reign as 007.

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the rose maker

While slightly formulaic, The Rose Maker has a superb cast, charm, with and a bit of allegorical grit to make this a French sojourn worth taking.

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With a powerful yet restrained performance, Cage gives an acting masterclass in the art of stillness. Pig is more than just Cage's performance however, it's a pained exploration of suffering, regret and forgiveness and a simple yet powerful reminder to give one's life to what you truly care about.

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While Annette is filled to the brim with artistic ambition and the exploration of a number of themes through allegory, they miss more than they hit their mark.

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the ice road

Although Liam Neeson will always be watchable and there are many elements to like here, The Ice Road melts away revealing a largely implausible plot with cartoon-like villains.

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ride the eagle

Ride the Eagle is a gentle comedy that while lacking firm direction, is a heartfelt and endearing tale.

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free guy

Stacked with insane, video game inspired action and gut busting humour, Free Guy is one of the most fun filled films of 2021.

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Despite it's pacing and that it doesn’t pack as much of an emotional punch as expected, Stillwater is still a slow burning sensation with Damon in career best, top form.

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coming home in the dark

Loaded with tension and an unnerving atmosphere, helped in no small way by strong night time cinematography, Coming Home in the Dark is a challenging film that pulls no punches. 

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what if...?

What If..? shows great ambition, creativity and a level and beauty in its animation that is to be applauded, but ultimately suffers in its short episodic form.

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the suicide squad

In The Suicide Squad James Gunn masterfully delivers what audiences long for in a comic book, superhero film with a little bit of added freshness and spice thrown in for good measure. It’s bold, brutal, bizarre at times with a whole lot of heart and a hell of a lot of fun making for the best superhero flick to hit the big screen since Endgame.

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the mole agent

With a gentleness in approach and humour that will draw you in, The Mole Agent is a thoroughly entertaining and yet confronting ode to humanity and searing critique of our Western ideals regarding the elderly.

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jungle cruise

With two big stars like Johnson and Blunt, jokes cracked thick and fast and some swashbuckling, ancient riddle solving action, Jungle Cruise is cinematic cruise you need to board. 

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the justice of bunny king

The Justice of Bunny King isn’t just a voice for the voiceless but a searing film that will bury deep under your skin and gnaw away at you for weeks to come.

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the misfits

The Misfits sports quite a cast, and while it doesn't stand up to the level of the films it leans on like the Ocean's series, its lightheartedness and Robin Hood-esque squad help make it an easy and pleasant watch.

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die in a gunfight

Unfortunately Die in a Gunfight is filled with clunky dialogue filled with too much exposition, characters that you don’t really warm to and action sequences that feel pretty generic.

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snake eyes

Snake Eyes is the perfect popcorn flick - a gritty origin story with intricate and exciting action sequences this is the kinda film you need to see on the big screen.

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gunpowder milkshake

Gunpowder Milkshake is a powerhouse of a film filled with kick ass action and a tremendous cast led by the charismatic, screen commanding Karen Gillan.

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space jam: a new legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy isn’t just a nostalgic ride but a film with real heart, sure fire humour and of course a lot of hoops.

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black widow

While Black Widow is a good Marvel superhero film ticking the fan boxes of massive action set pieces, heart and humour, the tones and themes explored could have been a little tighter.

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dating amber

A unique, hilarious and poignant coming of age tale, Dating Amber is a film not to be missed.

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