top tv shows of far!
by lyall carter

What a year of TV it's far!

From new ventures from massive franchises to documentary series on the most bizarre subjects - we've had it all. Sure, I haven't watched every new TV series that has come along (who has that kinda time?), there are shows on this list that aren't new but that I've discovered this year and these are a few of my new favourites. Except for Line of Duty. The new season was so exemplary I had to pop it on the list.

Without any further ado here are my Top TV Shows of 2021...So Far!!!

clarkson's farm

Hilarious as it is heartwarming, Clarkson's Farm is a love letter to the farming community not only giving us a glimpse into the intensely hard work that goes into farming but all the loveable rogues that make up the farming community.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

fresh, fried and crispy

Filled with mouth watering surprise after mouth watering surprise, Fresh, Fried and Crispy will get your taste buds tingling as Daym meets food artists and their delicious creations from all across the great USA.

Now streaming on Netflix. 


Loki promises to not only add a richness to the Marvel universe and to be Marvel’s best TV outing to date, but of also being a mysterious hell of a ride adventure mischievously helmed by Tom Hiddleston.

Now streaming on Disney Plus.  

line of duty series 6

Not content to rest on it's laurels from previous series the sixth season of Line of Duty not only rewards its faithful viewers with fan service but delivers a series that is as narratively intriguing and action packed as the five that have gone before.  

Now streaming on TVNZ On Demand.

mare of easttown

The most addictive show of 2021 Mare of Easttown is superbly anchored by Kate Winslet in a multi award gong deserving performance but has a mystery who's conclusion will leave you dumbfounded and spellbound at how it fooled you for days to come. 

Now streaming on Neon.

the marvelous mrs. maisel

It is precisely what it says on the can: marvelous. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a superb, feminist period drama with intricate production design detail, laughs a plenty all perfectly anchored by the marvelous Rachel Brosnahan.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

paddington 24/7
the savoy

Paddington 24/7 gives you a fascinating and intimate view of the drama of running a massive, modern transport hub from overcoming technical difficulties, passenger problems and even the COVID pandemic.

Now streaming on TVNZ On Demand.

A journey behind the luxurious curtains of the Savoy with all of the drama's associated with running such a prestigious hotel as well as the real characters, both staff and guests, make The Savoy such a delicious and entertaining treat. 

Now streaming on TVNZ On Demand.

sweet tooth

Odd, in an utterly charming way, Sweet Tooth is the perfect allegory for the Covid times in which we live with a throughly entertaining narrative, characters and world building. 

Now streaming on Netflix.

The most heartbreaking yet joy filled TV show on television right now, Trying will not only speak to those on their infertility journey and educate others, but it is a funny, heartwarming and entertaining show that more people should find and watch. You will adore it. 

Now streaming on Apple TV.

the underground railroad

Earth shatteringly powerful and horrifying in extra measure, The Underground Railroad is a tremendous mini series that every one should see. 

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

WandaVision is fresh, inventive with a whole lot of heart while hinting at a larger story lurking beneath its shiny surface.

Now streaming on Disney Plus. 

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