wild mountain thyme


director: John Patrick Shanley (doubt)

starring: emily blunt, jamie dornan, jon hamm and christopher walken


REVIEWER: lyall carter

A pair of star-crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family's land dispute.

Love story? Check. Jamie Fifty Shades Dornan? Check. A red, haired stunning Emily Blunt? Check. Even amongst the small oddities here and there, Wild Mountain Thyme is the best kinda cheesy romcom fare that people who love the genre will thoroughly enjoy. 


Anthony (Dornan) always seems to be out in the fields working, worn down by his father’s constant belittling. But what really stings is his father’s threat to bequeath the family farm to his American cousin Adam. Rosemary (Blunt) at first seems to hold a grudge for having been shamed by Anthony in childhood, but the sparks between them would keep a bonfire blazing through the night. Her mother Aoife strives to unite the families before it is too late.


Wild Mountain Thyme is a slightly strange romantic beast. While it has the Hollywood stars, the sweet, romantic tale all set in the beautiful, rolling hills and picturesque, quaint villages of Ireland, there is something slightly off with the crux of the story. I won’t spoil it for you, but the reason Anthony doesn’t want to sweep Rosemary off her feet is slightly bizarre. I’ll leave it for your judgement. 


Aside from that, however, the story is filled with romantic getting caught in the rain moments, passionate glares and even a threat to Anthony and Rosemary’s love in the form of Anthony’s cousin, Adam played by the ever suave Jon Hamm. 


While Christopher Walken may stumble with the Irish accent at times, the rest of the cast take to it swimmingly. The chemistry between Dornan and Blunt is palpable and both give wonderful performances as star crossed lovers. 


Even amongst the small oddities here and there, Wild Mountain Thyme is the best kinda cheesy romcom fare that people who love that genre will thoroughly enjoy.


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