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guide to second date sex.jpg
a guide to second date sex


DIRECTOR: Rachel Hirons (debut)
STARRING: george mackay, alexandra roach, emma rigby and michael socha


REVIEWER: emily carter

Laura and Ryan are seemingly perfect for one another, having both been destroyed by past relationships and not knowing what they are supposed to do during a second date. In the hopes of getting things right, the two embark on a second date.

That kinda cringe that you gotta love, A Guide to Second Date Sex is sweet and salty and a whole lotta fun.


Starring George MacKay, of 1917 fame, in something VERY different to a wartime saga - if anything we can at least nod to his versatility! MacKay plays Ryan, a guy a little hapless in love who works under the sex-tutelage of his misguided flatmate. One night at a bar he meets Laura (Alexandra Roach), and together they have one fun, memorable and drunken first date. But what does one do for a planned, orchestrated and sober second date? 


Unmistakably British, complete with a grungy flat, A Guide to Second Date Sex is all kinds of awkward, but in the most endearing way. I was visibly and physically cringing for a good 50% of it, but there's no way I could stop watching this heartwarming treat. With emergency shaving, dodgy cocktail-mixing and the weeeeirdest flat mate, it's a real belly-laugh too. 


Easy-to-watch (even with the cringe) and without all that Hollywood glitter and gloss, this is kind of a rom-com, but better. A great look at the gross and awkward bits of dating all wrapped up in one weird second date.

A Guide to Second Date Sex is socially awkward and icky, but so so sweet. Don't miss this weird and wonderful watch.


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