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the bad guys

You've heard what the adults have to say - now hear what the kids think of The Bad Guys!!!

The Bad Guys is NOW SHOWING in NZ cinemas!

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the last bus

Although The Last Bus is tonally confused, Timothy Spall gives a truly memorable performance in a tale that celebrates the very best of humanity.

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fantastic beasts: the secrets of dumbledore

While The Secrets of Dumbledore suffers from a glut of too many characters, it’s still a thoroughly entertaining and charming film with heartfelt moments of magic.



While it needs a little shaved off its runtime, Ambulance is a breathless, entertaining thrill of a ride that you’ve just gotta see on the biggest screen possible.

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the duke

With terrific performances from Broadbent and Mirren, The Duke is a crowd pleasing, feel good film with great depth that will lift your spirits and leave you with a big smile plastered across your face. One of 2022’s best films.



With a truly original MCU character and a great cast, Morbius unfortunately doesn’t live up to that superb ambition with underdeveloped characters, a narrative that isn’t cohesive, and an over reliance on CGI.

nowhere special.jpg

nowhere special

A tear jerker that will leave you in a puddle of tears, Nowhere Special is a film of real depth and humanity, anchored by a career best performance from James Norton. One of the best films of 2022.

night raiders.jpeg

night raiders

Night Raiders is a confident and riveting film, with impressive production design and a strong central performance by Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, it certainly is an impressive debut from writer/director Danis Goulet.



Dog is a charming buddy road movie that has something to say about the important things in life. A great leading performance by co-director Channing Tatum combined with strong storytelling make Dog a real winner. 

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bergman island

For a film that’s a complex musing on everything from the broken complexity of our heroes to the repetitive circle of art imitating life, Bergman’s Island is an accessible, light, romantic treat.

the batman.png


This is quite unlike any Batman film you’ve ever seen. With a fresh, gritty take on the iconic character, The Batman is a gripping murder mystery that will thrill and entertain and leave you wanting more.


blind ambition

With a stirring, fist pump inducing true story that will make you weep buckets, Blind Ambition is one of the best films of 2022.



Cyrano is an excellent adaptation of the classic play, with great production design, wonderful music and a riveting performance from Peter Dinklage as the tragic Cyrano de Bergerac.



A work of cinematic art, Flee is hauntingly beautiful,  bringing humanity to the European refugee crisis and all of its complexities.

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facing monsters

While Facing Monsters is a gnarly, breathless ride it doesn’t quite get under the skin of its subject as well as it might have.

cmon cmon.jpg

c'mon c'mon

C'mon C'mon is an affecting and at times fraught story of the development of a meaningful connection between a man and his estranged nephew, and how this relationship comes to impact both of their lives.



While Aline has to be one of the most bizarre films of the year, it’s light, sweet touches make it a wonderful tribute to the one and only Celine Dion.



Hive is a film of thundering power telling the true story of one woman's fight for survival and justice in the midst of suffering the very real terrors of war.