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DIRECTOR: mark jenkin (happy christmas)
STARRING: edward rowe, mary woodvine, simon shepherd and giles king


REVIEWER: luke williams

A struggling Cornish fisherman's resentment of change and rich Londoners reaches boiling point in Mark Jenkin's BAFTA-winning debut feature. 

Bait is a back to basics, truly handcrafted work of art.


Written and filmed in the style of the early days of cinema, Mark Jenkin used a vintage Bolex camera on 16mm film which he processed and edited by hand. The entire cast worked hard to fit in the confines of the medium – the hand cranked Bolex has limitations on focal depth and speed which makes this an even more fascinating film experience.


Edward is a down on his luck fisherman. A falling out with his brother finds Edward without a boat while his brother Steven works their late fathers’ boat doing coastline cruises for visitors to the village. Meanwhile, the family home had been sold to some new arrivals to the area who use part of it for hosting tourists.


The film will keep you interested all the way through with a throughly compelling narrative, fascinated by the modern amenities framed in vintage style cinematography and editing. This is a movie worth watching, and Mark Jenkin is a new director worth following.

A handcrafted work of art, Mark Jenkin is a new director worth following as Bait is an interesting and compelling narrative filled with beautiful film craft. 


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