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in cinemas

thor love and thunder

Just like its predecessor, Thor: Love and Thunder is a breath of fresh air in the MCU with its breezy and at times bonkers sense of humor, its grand cinematic scale, and beating heart at the center of it all. Taika has smashed it out of the park.


Benediction allows us to view the world through the eyes of acclaimed poet Siegfried Sasson, in a film peppered equally with witty dialogue and sorrow, anchored by a star making turn from Jack Lowden.

phantom of the open.jpg

the phantom of the open

With Mark Rylance's charming performance as its beating heart, The Phantom of the Open comes together wonderfully as a feel-good story with substance and excellent performances.

bobs burgers.jpg

the bob's burgers movie

black phone.jpg

the black phone

The Black Phone is an exceptionally well crafted horror from director Scott Derrickson, with interesting characters and strong performances giving depth and heart to an otherwise creepy and tense experience. 

the quiet girl.jpg

the quiet girl

The Quiet Girl is a masterpiece in every way. Go and see it. Now. One of 2022’s best.

where the crawdads sing.jpg

where the crawdads sing

Where the Crawdads Sing fails to build the tension around the mystery at the very center of the film. One for the diehard fans of the novel.



Elvis is a truly spectacular film with all the bombastic glitz and glamor you’d expect from director Baz Luhrmann, but with a tale packed with emotional punch after punch, all anchored by an Oscar worthy performance from Austin Butler.



Whina is an affecting, heartbreaking film about a fascinating figure from Aotearoa’s history, with wonderful performances by Rena Owen and Miriama McDowell. 


minions the rise of gru

While Minions The Rise of Gru is an undemanding tale, its vibrant animation, slapstick humor, and action packed sequences will entertain both adults and children alike.

The Bob's Burgers Movie is a charming adaptation of the long running animated series, with great humour and musical numbers that will please returning fans as well as newcomers to the series.

jurassic world dominion.jpg

jurassic world: dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion is an interesting beast to wrangle with that while having its entertaining moments is a film of competing narrative tones.  

top gun maverick.jpeg

top gun: maverick

Grab your mates and popcorn. Find the biggest screen in town and get to Top Gun: Maverick. The most exhilarating, edge of your seat action blockbuster of the year.  



While Lightyear is an action stacked, exquisitely rendered animated action flick, it’s missing a lot of the heart of it’s plastic predecessor.

how to please a woman.jfif

how to please a woman

While How To Please a Woman is slow yet steady in its pacing and character development, its observation of women's search for true intimacy is incisively expressed.


the innocents

A simple premise executed masterfully, The Innocents is one of the most compelling yet haunting films of 2022.

to olivia.jpeg

to olivia

While lacking some of the whimsical magic of Dahl’s creations, To Olivia is a poignant and heartstring pulling tale with a stellar British cast.

the northman.jpg

the northman

While a stunning portrayal of viking culture and a superb ensemble cast, The Northman’s narrative isn’t as engaging as it could have been. 

nobody has to know.jpg

nobody has to know

Nobody Has to Know is a careful, yet affecting drama exploring through a small but novel story how love can bring meaning to life and inspire forgiveness.

operation mincemeat.jpg

operation mincemeat

A thrilling tale of WWII espionage, Operation Mincemeat will have you on the edge of your seat with the best ensemble cast superbly lead by Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen. One of 2022’s best. 

doctor strange 2.jpg

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

While some elements of the narrative will require multiple viewings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is an entertaining whirlwind ride through the multiverse with breathtaking sequences, fantastical visuals, plenty of surprises and director Sam Raimi’s horror fingerprints all over it.

velvet queen.jpg

the velvet queen

The Velvet Queen is unlike any wildlife documentary you’ve ever seen. While it has gorgeous shots filled to the brim with animal life, The Velvet Queen involves the humans behind the camera as well which helps to leave the audience with deep questions to ponder concerning their place in the world alongside the other creatures that inhabit it.  

downton abbey a new era.jpg

downton abbey: a new era

Downton Abbey: A New Era is a charming return to the grand estate and its residents, which also sets the stage for the future of the Crawley family in a world that would otherwise insist on changing around them.

the unbearable weight of massive talent.jpeg

the unbearable weight of massive talent

A brilliant and bonkers metanarrative ride, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is not only the funniest film of 2022 so far but one of its very best. Nick Cage is baaaaaaaaack!

everything everywhere all at once.jpg

everything everywhere all at once

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a fantastic experience of a film, that while being exhausting is simultaneously captivating and endearing. It really is something novel, and certainly special.

lost city.jpg

the lost city

While some of the beats are slightly off and it's a tale that you’ve seen in some form before, The Lost City is fun and breezy with enough adventure and the charisma of Bullock and Tatum to make it an entertaining ride.

the bad guys

You've heard what the adults have to say - now hear what the kids think of The Bad Guys!!!

The Bad Guys is NOW SHOWING in NZ cinemas!

the last bus.jpg

the last bus

Although The Last Bus is tonally confused, Timothy Spall gives a truly memorable performance in a tale that celebrates the very best of humanity.

secrets of dumbledore.jpeg

fantastic beasts: the secrets of dumbledore

While The Secrets of Dumbledore suffers from a glut of too many characters, it’s still a thoroughly entertaining and charming film with heartfelt moments of magic.



While it needs a little shaved off its runtime, Ambulance is a breathless, entertaining thrill of a ride that you’ve just gotta see on the biggest screen possible.

the duke.jpg

the duke

With terrific performances from Broadbent and Mirren, The Duke is a crowd pleasing, feel good film with great depth that will lift your spirits and leave you with a big smile plastered across your face. One of 2022’s best films.



With a truly original MCU character and a great cast, Morbius unfortunately doesn’t live up to that superb ambition with underdeveloped characters, a narrative that isn’t cohesive, and an over reliance on CGI.

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