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wrath of man.jpeg

wrath of man

Wrath of Man is a taunt thriller, stacked to the gunnels with action that takes nearly every expectation you have of a Guy Ritchie action flick and dumps them on their head in the best possible way. One of 2021’s best films. 

first cow.jpg

first cow

First Cow is a film of exquisite beauty which patiently explores themes of male friendship rarely seen in cinema.

i blame society.jpg

i blame society

I Blame Society is an entertaining and shocking look at one woman’s descent into chaos.



Unfortunately Twist for all its fresh faced cast and ambition fails to bring the heart and soul of Dickens Oliver to the big screen.


without remorse

Michael B. Jordan’s intense performance along with director Sollima’s technical brilliance in crafting enthralling and imaginative action sequences saves the film from a rather predictable and dour plot.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

mortal kombat.jpeg

mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat is a thoroughly entertaining, gore filled action flick with humour and great world building that demands to be seen on the big screen. 

six minutes to midnight.jpeg

six minutes to midnight

While Six Minutes to Midnight hits some pacing speed bumps, it’s still a solid, entertaining WWII flick stacked with an all star British cast and an intriguing, untold story.


the united states vs. billie holiday

Although The United States vs. Billie Holiday stumbles more than it soars, it is more than worth the admission to witness Andra Day’s performance. One of this year's best.



Voyagers is a thrilling psychological ride into space wonderfully aided by its young cast led by Depp, Sheridan and Whitehead.



Nobody is a completely fresh take on the action flick with bone crunching, organ poppin’ blood splattered action that will thrill and entertain you all while having you in a fit of side splitting laughter.

the father.jpg

the father

Anthony Hopkins gives a devastatingly divine performance in The Father in one of 2021’s best films that will break you, heal you, embrace you warmly and give you incredible insight into one of society's hidden afflictions.

the courier.jpg

the courier

Although The Courier doesn’t offer that much freshness to the genre, it’s still a thoroughly entertaining and thrilling story anchored by stellar performances from Cumberbatch and Ninidze.

peter r 2.jpg

peter rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit 2 will thoroughly entertain children and parents alike with a fun and colourful adventure for all to behold.

godzilla v kong.jpg

godzilla vs. kong

While it lacks a real emotional hook, Godzilla vs. Kong is a full blown CGI feast for the senses that demands to be seen on the biggest screen you can find, filled with the feral fury of two of the greatest cinematic monsters going toe to gigantic toe.

chaos walking.jpg

chaos walking

Chaos Walking is a slickly created sci fi dystopian film, accompanied by two screen grabbing leads in Holland and Ridley.


the mauritanian

The Mauritanian is a slick, slow burning political and legal thriller that will inform and horrify with outstanding performances from Rahim and Foster.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.



Collective is one of the most devastatingly powerful films in recent memory and stands as a rallying cry and a warning of the absolute necessity of normal, ordinary citizens speaking truth to power. Go and see it today.

french exit.jpg

french exit

With enough humour and interesting casting to keep things rolling, French Exit is ultimately a thoughtful film with strong leading performances, especially from Michelle Pfieffer. 


the grizzlies

While the film has moments of triumph, The Grizzlies doesn’t shy away from the horrendous moments either delivering us a film that roars with beauty and authenticity that packs a punch that will smart for days.


zach snyder's justice league

Zach Snyder’s Justice League is a much more complete film giving much needed space and time to character development and an expansion of the narrative. Justice has been well and truly served.

Now Streaming on Sky Go and Neon. 

falcon and the winter soldier.jpeg

the falcon and the winter soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is filled with thrilling action sequences, hilarious banter while plumbing new emotional depths. Marvel, you’ve aced it once again.

judas and the black messiah.jpg

judas and the black messiah

Sharp writing and directing from Shaka King makes Judas and the Black Messiah easily one of the most captivating films of the year.


the dissident

The Dissident plays as a blockbusting thriller that you have to constantly remind yourself isn’t fiction. It will equally enthrall and horrify and will leave you with a multitude of questions long after the credits roll. An absolute hands down masterpiece from a director at the very heights of his craft.

raya and the last dragon.jpg

raya and the last dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is an action packed fantasy film, with gorgeous animation and a whole lot of humor, heart and hope. A Disney classic in the making.

cosmic sin.jpeg

cosmic sin

Despite its obvious weaknesses, there are still enjoyable aspects of Cosmic Sin that one can have a good time with if in the right mood. 

raya and the last dragon.jpg

raya and the last dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is an action packed fantasy film, with gorgeous animation and a whole lot of humor, heart and hope. A Disney classic in the making.


coming 2 america

Although there are a few laugh out loud moments they are few and far between as Coming 2 America rehashes the original storyline without bringing that much new material to the franchise.



Cousins is one of the most important New Zealand films of the last decade that teaches us of our collective path with a glimmer of hope on the horizon of our future.



The stellar ensemble cast of Blackbird tenderly and tremendously explore the topic of euthanasia on the broad canvas of extended family with all of its love, dysfunction, secrets and bemusing moments.



Nomadland is a cinematic wonder to behold that not only deftly takes a wide variety of issues from consumerism to grief by the scruff of the neck, but brings humanity to the 'forgotten' people of our world.



Supernova is an intimate tale of love marred by suffering with masterful performances from Firth and Tucci. One of 2021’s best film.


boss level

While the overarching theme of time loops isn’t that much of an original idea, it’s the ensemble cast, action and overall execution that makes Boss Level such a damn entertaining ride.

i care a lot.jpg

i care a lot

I Care A Lot is a delicious and original thriller, confounding preconceived ideas of the genre with a chilling yet darkly delightful performance from Rosamund Pike. One of 2021’s best. 
Streaming from February 19 on Amazon Prime Video.

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