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wrong turn

Moments of action, drama and horror all occur, sometimes in the same breath - which is a bit of a feat frankly, and all serve to make Wrong Turn a thoroughly satisfying watch.



Minari is an ode to the American dream, a tribute to the indomitable human spirit and a timely reminder of the importance of family. Minari is a cinematic triumph.

high ground.jpg

high ground

High Ground is a must-watch, if not for the unmissable talents of its cast, then for the lessons it will undoubtedly teach its captive audiences in 2021.


the little things

Even though Washington, Malek and Leto give stellar performances throughout The Little Things which make it worth the price of admission alone, the narrative can sometimes drift listlessly and become the kind of film that we’ve seen before.



Although Ammonite moves at a slow yet steady pace with a main character that is difficult to emotionally connect with, it is anchored by two outstanding performances from its two leading ladies. 


shadow in the cloud

With guns blaring and a dash of the Twilight Zone, Shadow in the Cloud is the feminist gut punch of an action flick that the world’s been waiting for.



Rūrangi is a heart rending yet tender exploration of transition, restoration and hope.



While giving the appearance of a tale we’ve seen before, Summerland is a WWII tear jerker with great substance anchored by a pitch perfect performance from Gemma Arterton. 


the marksman

The Marksman is classic Neeson action fodder: it’s Neeson doing the right thing no matter the cost. What’s not to like about that?

another round.jpg

another round

Although its tone is confused at times, Another Round artfully displays the delirious and dangerous sides of excessive drinking with a sublime performance from Mikklesen.



Even though Music is highly innovative and artful, these elements can sometimes distract from a timely exploration of the burden of one's past and striving towards a hope filled future.

wild mountain thyme

Even amongst the small oddities here and there, Wild Mountain Thyme is the best kinda cheesy romcom fare that people who love the genre will thoroughly enjoy.

dawn raid.jpg

dawn raid

Dawn Raid is as Kiwi a film as you could possibly get. Filled with powerful, creative characters who use their ingenuity and a lot of heart and courage to shine on the world stage, Dawn Raid is a must see film that every New Zealander should see. 


penguin bloom

While we may have seen these kinds of films before - the triumph of the human spirit in spite of overwhelming odds, Penguin Bloom is still a beautiful film with heartwarming moments of joy and triumph for all to behold.


promising young woman

Promising Young Woman is about as perfect as a movie can get. Make sure you catch this in cinemas. It's gonna be a cult classic.


one night in miami

One Night in Miami is a story of a global struggle powerfully writ large on the intimate canvas of the lives of four powerful souls. A 2021 must see film.



WandaVision is fresh and inventive with a whole lot of heart while hinting at a larger story lurking beneath its shiny surface.

from the vine.jpg

from the vine

From the Vine is a cheery and charming tale of Italian vineyard bliss that might just be the cinematic drop that you need.

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