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Moonbound is a feast for the eyes and soul for adults and children alike, with a whole lot of laughter and imagination thrown in for good measure.

tomorrow war.jpg

the tomorrow war

While there might be a couple of slight but forgivable plot holes, The Tomorrow War is a totally original bombastic blockbuster with some of the most edge of your seat action sequences to crash onto our screens in a long time. A sure fire summer hit.

Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

in the heights.jpeg

in the heights

A raucous, top tapping and tear jerking joy filled ode to the beauty that can be found in humanity, In the Heights is not only one of the best films of the year but a sure fire classic.


the mysterious benedict society

A unique and sophisticated beast The Mysterious Benedict Society is a rip roaring adventure TV series filled with intricate and intriguing puzzles that children and adults alike will adore. 

Now Streaming on Disney Plus.



Luca is an adorable and touching ode to childhood friendship with the inventive storytelling and gorgeous animation we’ve come to expect from Pixar.

Now Streaming on Disney Plus.

spirit untame.jpg

spirit untamed

Spirit Untamed is a sweet animated adventure film with more than enough to entertain children and adults alike.



Herself is a heartwarming and at times challenging film, that features an excellent performance from Clare Dunne.

percy v goliath.jpg

percy vs. goliath

Percy vs Goliath is an entertaining, charming and heartwarming ode to the power of ordinary people.


days of the bagnold summer

While Days of the Bagnold Summer is low on incident, it’s a charming, sweet exploration of a mother and son’s fractured relationship and the embarrassments of being a teenager.



Loki promises to not only add a richness to the Marvel universe and to be Marvel’s best TV outing to date, but of also being a mysterious hell of a ride adventure mischievously helmed by Tom Hiddleston.

Episode One now streaming on Disney Plus. 

devil made me.jpeg

the conjuring: the devil made me do it

While The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It kicks off with an impressive and creepy start, although entertaining, unfortunately the frenetic pace from the films opening isn’t maintained throughout the film.



Minamata is a necessary film that is not only a heartbreaking tale anchored by one of Johnny Depp’s best performances to date, but is a timely critique of corrupt officials and the pollution of our planet.



While it is a novel and intriguing concept that asks some difficult but necessary questions of our society and culture, Lapsis needed a firmer direction for its narrative drive, characters and its societal critique.

quiet place 2.jpeg

a quiet place part II

As good as the first and filled with more edge of your seat thrills, A Quiet Place: Part II begs to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Blockbuster filmmaking at its very, very best. One of my hands down favorite films of 2021.



Although both Emma’s are in stupendous form, the costume design is Oscar worthy and the sound track is cracking, the story doesn’t quite deliver as it possibly could have. 


the artist's wife

While some tonal and thematic shifts may jar, The Artist's Wife features towering performances by Bruce Dern and Lena Olin as the Smythsons as the film explores the challenges that they face. 


son of the south

Although Son of the South can be slow at times, the story is a powerful and needed tale for the times that we are living in.

those who wish me dead.jpg

those who wish me dead

Although Angelina Jolie draws you in with her acting skill, star power and charisma and Those Who Wish Me Dead is an entertaining film, the story leaves some character arcs and narrative threads hanging.

spiral from the book of saw.jpg

spiral: from the book of saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw is an entertaining enough detective tale punctuated with horrific torture scenes, but has some character and plot lines that needed to be ironed out.

finding you.jpg

finding you

While Finding You won’t be considered groundbreaking cinema, it is a sweet film that ticks all of the boxes you’d expect from a romantic film.

james and isey.jpg

james & isey

James & Isey is a glorious, intimate, truly New Zealand film documenting the unique relationship between a mother and a son in wondrous detail.  

wrath of man.jpeg

wrath of man

Wrath of Man is a taunt thriller, stacked to the gunnels with action that takes nearly every expectation you have of a Guy Ritchie action flick and dumps them on their head in the best possible way. One of 2021’s best films. 

first cow.jpg

first cow

First Cow is a film of exquisite beauty which patiently explores themes of male friendship rarely seen in cinema.

i blame society.jpg

i blame society

I Blame Society is an entertaining and shocking look at one woman’s descent into chaos.



Unfortunately Twist for all its fresh faced cast and ambition fails to bring the heart and soul of Dickens Oliver to the big screen.


without remorse

Michael B. Jordan’s intense performance along with director Sollima’s technical brilliance in crafting enthralling and imaginative action sequences saves the film from a rather predictable and dour plot.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

mortal kombat.jpeg

mortal kombat

Mortal Kombat is a thoroughly entertaining, gore filled action flick with humour and great world building that demands to be seen on the big screen. 

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