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A movie to inspire a new generation of women to live fearlessly in spite of their insecurities.  

i feel pretty


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson takes on a giant gorilla. And a giant wolf. And a giant crocodile. Is there anything better?

a wrinkle in time

Although A Wrinkle in Time has good acting, stunning visual effects, and breathtaking New Zealand vistas, the lack of a cohesive story is reason enough to give this Disney outing a miss this time. 

a quiet place

Silence has never sounded so good. A Quiet Place is one of the must watch films of 2018.

ready player one

This film is highly recommended. It’s hard to just watch it once, there’s just too many references to take in with just one viewing. 

early man

Heartfelt with a sprinkling of humour, Early Man is a film that both children and adults will enjoy.

peter rabbit

Cute, rascally animals and beautiful countryside don’t make up for a weak story that will leave both children and adults wanting more.


The Death of Stalin will likely be the best political parody you've see in a long time.

tomb raider

It’s a bit of a mess with a story that makes little sense. Unfortunately, after this effort, the whole Lara Croft story will probably be buried.


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