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deadpool 2
deadpool 2

DIRECTOR: david leitch (atomic blonde) 
STARRING: ryan reynolds, josh brolin, julian dennison, and morena baccarin

REVIEWER: luke williams


Mutant “merc with a mouth” Wade Wilson assembles a team of other outcast mutants to protect a young boy (Julian Dennison) from Cable - a rough time travelling mutant.

Ryan Reynolds reprises the role that has made him a true fan favourite. His offscreen hijinks are mirrored in his on screen behaviour - and we love it!


It’s basically exactly what you want. Similar formula and format but with a bigger budget and more explosions. So many pop culture references that you’re sure to miss something. The fourth wall is broken so many times it’s basically a pile of blood stained bricks.


Perhaps some people will be down on the movie and there’s perhaps one part that will annoy, and it’s a typical Marvel ending. Or if dream sequences are a problem, that might frustrate. A small price to pay for a very fun evening.


Ryan Reynolds clearly relishes the role of Deadpool and his contribution to the script is clear and clever. He and Morena Baccarin have excellent on screen chemistry but portray a typical couple where no argument really happens. Quite the fairytale!


Julian Dennison does a good job. He is showing that he does have emotional range but perhaps the writers could have been a bit more creative with his scripted lines. It’s always odd hearing Kiwi accents in a major film when you are a Kiwi yourself!


Music choice is excellent. Cinematography is good. CGI is average. Overall, it’s two hours of non stop comedy, action, and variety. Somehow Deadpool appeals to a wide audience and is deserving of success.


Post credit scenes are worth the watch so hang around for a little bit. Won’t need to stay once the screen goes black and the credits roll, however.

Exactly what fans want and more. Ryan Reynolds is back as Deadpool - whats not to like?


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Deadpool 2 is available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K HD, and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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