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avengers: infinity war


DIRECTORs: anthony russo + joe russo (captain america: the winter soldier, captain america: civil war)  
STARRING: every marvel superhero imaginable (except for hawkeye) 

REVIEWERs: lyall carter, emily carter, hadassah devis, and Jesse timbs

With Thanos poised to strike with devastating power across the universe, The Avengers must be prepared to sacrifice everything to defeat him. 

Since Avengers: Infinity War is a massive movie (I know, understatement) four of our contributors will share their thoughts on the film.

With a certain sense of humour woven throughout the film, every laugh was a bright spot for me. After so many Marvel films, every hero has a style of humour everyone has come to know and love. There was enough laughs versus action to keep even this low-grade fan engaged.


Heroes were grouped together in an effective way, and it was a real joy to finally see certain heroes side by side. Your favourites will still be your favourites but you'll soon have a soft spot for them all (again, from a low-grade fan).


For me, I think it wasn't a standalone film quite like other Marvel films. I'm not well-versed in all the films and did find there were some spots that I couldn't completely wrap my head around. Despite this, it's still a big and fun film for even us low-graders.

Emily Carter

Wow. Just wow. Avengers: Infinity War is everything you want as a fan and much, much more. All the heroes get ample screen time, the story threads from across ten years of films are brought seamless together, and the humour is laugh the house down hilarious. Avengers: Infinity War completely captures you from the opening frame to the closing credits. The audience bursting into spontaneous applause throughout simply added to the spectacle.
Bold. Bombastic. Just brilliant. 
Lyall Carter


Spaceships threatening earth’s inhabitants? Check.

Epic fight scenes? Check.

A humongous, seemingly indestructible bad guy? Check.

Marvel’s best superheroes? Check, check, check, check, check (and check some more).


A movie of epic proportions, Avengers Infinity War brings all the big names from the Marvel universe (although without Ant Man and Hawkeye) together for a battle for…. well, the universe.


Introducing (*yes, you’ve met him before, but not like this) a fantastic villain, who, much like Black Panther’s Killmonger, believes he has everyone’s best interests at heart as he goes about his naughty business. Thanos is an all powerful, hard-punching, actually kind of thoughtful guy, and one of my favourite antagonists from the series so far.


There was some great banter between the Avengers, creating lot of laugh out loud moments, and despite the abundance of heroes, everyone got their own moment to shine.

The various planets visited made for some beautiful visuals, although in true blockbuster movie fashion we do get to see some of earth's cities take a beating. Yay!


Over all a really fun movie, and well worth a watch on the big screen. I am annoyed part two isn’t coming out until next year though!


Oh and I also love Peter Dinklage's appearance as the giant forge master dwarf.
Hadassah Devis

Avengers: Infinity War had me hooked from start to finish. Amazing action sequences and brilliant performances from the enitre cast. Josh Brolin is amazing as Thanos. The Guardians of the Galaxy hold their own brilliantly being thrown in the deep end with the rest of the Marvel cast who have all worked together before. A brilliant movie and I cannot wait for part two.
Jesse Timbs

"Bold. Bombastic. Just brilliant."  "Every laugh was a bright spot."

"Thanos is... one of my favourite antagonists from the series so far."
"A brilliant movie and I cannot wait for part two."



Avengers: Infinity War is available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4KHD, and digital from all good disc and digital retailers. 

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