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DIRECTOR: Autumn de Wilde (debut)
STARRING: anya taylor-joy, johnny flynn, callum turner and bill nighy


REVIEWER: emily carter

Following the antics of a young woman, Emma Woodhouse, who lives in Georgian- and Regency-era England and occupies herself with matchmaking - in sometimes misguided, often meddlesome fashion- in the lives of her friends and family.

An absolute confection of colour and class, Emma is a real sweet treat for any Jane Austen fan!


When it comes to a Jane Austen classic, there is no expiry date - and Emma proves it yet again. Adapted from Austen's comedy, Emma is about the handsome, clever and rich Emma Woodhouse. Living with her widowed father (the incomparable Bill Nighy), Emma is navigating socialising, parties, friendship, love and nosy neighbours in her sleepy town. While less enthused over her own story, she takes impressionable local girl Harriet Smith (Mia Goth) under her wing - all on a journey to find the PERFECT partner.


The smorgasbord of top tier actors make Emma equal parts funny, fabulous and moving, notably Bill Nighy, Miranda Hart, Josh O'Connor and Johnny Flynn round out this classic comedy. Anya Taylor-Joy plays the rich and beautiful Emma, and manages to do it without making the audience dislike her while she's at it. She sparkles and stumbles and makes a wonderful Emma - I hope Austen would be proud!


Emma was visually a joy, with beautiful buildings, flouncy frills and a pretty palette throughout. With unique relationships you root for and character quirks you'll adore, it's a movie that gives you nothing but warm fuzzy feelings and a pep in your step as you walk out of the cinema.


Jane Austen fans unite, Emma is another jewel to add to her string of sparkling stories you can view on the big screen.


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