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heartbeat series 1 - 6


One of the most loved and successful series of all time, Heartbeat is set in the fictional North Yorkshire village of Aidensfield and brilliantly evokes the heady mood of the 1960s- all driven by a wonderfully nostalgic soundtrack of hit songs from the era. 


Nick Berry stars as PC Nick Rowan in this hugely popular series centres on the local police and the many fascinating village characters; deftly combining humour and drama in its intriguing crime and medical storylines.


Heartbeat has to be one of the most feel good shows ever to screen on television. From its setting in the rolling, lush countryside of Yorkshire of the 1960’s to the retro soundtrack, it's all rather nostalgic. Even though it’s fictional, sweet stuff it also points to a time and place when there was more community policing with police deeply involved in the towns in which they worked. 


The first five series of Heartbeat centre around PC Nick Rowan and his doctor wife Kate who move from London for Nick to take up a position at Aidensfield police station as the new constable. The series follows them as they seek to serve the people of Aidensfield through solving crimes and getting involved in the life of the village. The first five series follows their personal life from the birth of their child Katie to personal tragedy.


In series six the series started to promote more supporting characters like PC’s Ventress and Bellamy as well as local identity Claude Jeremiah Greengrass to more prominent roles and stories. 


Filled to the brim with nostalgia, Heartbeat is a gentle drama with inviting, engaging storylines and colourful, memorable characters to boot.


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